In this July full moon energy update we look at the ascension energy of the July 5th full moon lunar eclipse and give you guidance on how to navigate this difficult corridor of energy. The theme of the July full moon is death and rebirth. The July full moon energy feels like a karmic grenade that is being set off in the collective energy to disrupt the stagnant careless inertia in our individual and collective lives.

How the collective is relating to the pandemic is continuing to define the collective energy. Everything is mixed on that front. Mixed leadership, confusion, contradiction, delay, despair and reasonable fear continue to define the collective energy. Some people are acting with reasonable prudence, while others are being carried toward destruction on the waters of their own carelessness and inertia.

The July full moon energy and lunar eclipse are all about confusion and closure. As we said in our July energy update some things in your life need to die and leave your life once and for all. The feeling I’m getting from this full moon energy is that the exit will be voluntary or involuntary, difficult or easy. It really depends on how much resistance you have to letting that which is dead go.

It is important to look at those places in your life where you are addicted to negativity and materialism. Look at your unhealthy relationships with people and things. Your dependency on your addictions is holding you back. It is keeping you in an energy that is dead and no longer compatible with who you are. Let those unhealthy relationships go.

We are going to see sudden movement around this full moon in unresolved circumstances. That may come in the form of news, clarity or a sudden shift in external circumstances. This feels like fate. It almost has the feeling of being an intervention from the higher self or divine intervention to help us course correct into lives and circumstances that are more in alignment with the truth of our being and our destiny.

When you get clarity or find yourself in the midst of changed circumstances forceful determination is going to be needed. You know now what you want, what is dead, and what no longer serves you. You are going to be given an opportunity around this full moon to realize that in your physical circumstances, but first there has to be an ending to the unresolved circumstances.

Through the death of that which no longer is in alignment with who you are and are becoming, there will be rebirth as well as material and spiritual abundance. This is the eye of the needle. The truth will set you free. If you are lying you are dying. If you pass through the eye of the needle and leave behind all that is no longer in alignment with you, you will find yourself happier and more abundant than you can imagine on the other side of it.

But first the pain. First you have to let go of the past and that in your life which is dead. Only then will there be room for new growth. Continue to follow your passions and remember the world is a reflection of your vibration, which is no more than the culmination of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. By honest with yourself and others. It is through truth that we will be liberated.

When your heart is fully healed you will be free. When sudden change comes, forceful action will need to be taken, and you will find yourself passing through the eye of the needle. Once on the other side stop, reflect, and review. Toward the end of the month and into August you will need to process what has been lost and start to realize what may be gained.