In this July Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the July 23rd full moon. The major themes of the July Full Moon are (i) becoming the person of your dreams today, (ii) getting clear on what you want, (iii) contractions before the rebirth, and (iv) patience while waiting for the right moment to act.

Becoming the Person of Your Dreams Today

Become the person of your dreams today. Many of us find excuses for not going to the next level in consciousness and personal development. We often hold imaginary milestone for when we will really get down to the business of healing, evolution, and service. Maybe you are waiting to get a certain number of followers on social media. Maybe you are waiting until you get that certification or degree. Maybe you are waiting until you move to someplace more in alignment.

Stop putting off being the best version of yourself. Be the person of your dreams today. Be the best version of yourself today. The internal transformation comes before the change in life circumstances. You won’t change when life circumstances improve, life circumstances will improve when you change your state of being.

It is only through becoming the person of our dreams today that we are able to realize our dream in physical reality tomorrow. When we put off becoming the best version of ourselves, we put off experiencing our ideal life circumstances.

Getting Clear on What You Want

Get clear on what you want your life to be. Get clear on who you want to be in the world. Having a clear vision for your life and self is key to manifesting the reality you prefer. Don’t be afraid to dream the most beautiful dream you can imagine for your life. Dream it in technicolor detail.

Don’t get attached to the details but get excited about the quality of consciousness they represent. Don’t worry about logistics at this point. We often can’t see how to get to where we want to go from where we are. But step by step as we move towards that more beautiful vision for our lives, things become clearer.

Make sure your ambitions and dreams for your life are still in alignment with who you are. Our dreams need to be undated frequently to reflect our current state of consciousness. When you aren’t clear on what you want, or if there is internal conflict, the universe will force you to choose.

For a long time this looked like calendar conflicts for me. There would be a spiritual event that was really exciting on the same date as a political or business obligation. For a long time I chose the latter and abandoned my excitement because my main ambition was business and politics.

Then a time came when I realized my ambitions had changed. I was doing stuff I didn’t want to do for a life I didn’t want. I realized what I really wanted to do was be of spiritual service, but I had filled my life with other things and didn’t have room for what I actually wanted.

Once I got clear on who I was and what I wanted it became easy to say no to what wasn’t in alignment, and to say yes to what was.

Contractions Before Rebirth

Many of us have been experiencing the contractions before rebirth. Old versions of us have been floating up to the surface to be expressed to see if there is anything left for them to teach us. Sometimes that has meant falling into old patterns for a while, until we wake up and remember that isn’t really who we are any longer.

This is part of the rebirthing process. We are harvesting all the good about who we were and letting go of what no longer serves us. We are preparing for the rebirth and uplevel of the Lion’s gate.

Patience While Waiting for the Right Moment to Act

Being patient while waiting for the right moment to act is hard. Many of us have been on this evolutionary journey for a long time, and it feels like we are getting incredibly close to some sort of major breakthrough. We can almost touch the most beautiful vision for our lives manifesting…

But it hasn’t manifested yet. It definitely seems to be on its way and things are moving and the pieces are coming together. But it can be difficult to know what we can do to help it along.

Remain alert, be patient, and listen for the right time to act. When the door opens and the decision point arises you will know. It will require your hell yes or hell no, and your complete commitment will be required.

But until that time arrives be patient and continue to do the little things each day you can do to be the person of your most beautiful dreams. When the time is right you and your dreams will join hands and become a reality.