In this July Energy Update 2021 we look at the energetic themes for the month of July. The Lion’s gate portal opens on July 22nd when the sun moves into Leo, which means a time of expansion is upon us. You may be noticing the energetic intensity has been building since the summer solstice.

As we move into Leo season there will be an intensification in ascension symptoms and kundalini awakenings, because there is more photonic energy/prana hitting the planet. It is important to practice self-care and good energetic hygiene during this time. Effective meditation, pranayama, breathwork, and drinking lots of water will all be essential allies in the upcoming months.

As we move into July the energies of creation and destruction are very strong. As is typical of this time of year the 3D and 4D aspects of your lives and consciousness are being catalyzed. During this time of year 3D always feels particularly raw and harsh. If the hustle and bustle of modern living has left you feeling worn thin, retreat to nature for an hour, afternoon, or few days. Connecting with nature will sooth your weary soul, and help ground the intense energies that may be running through you.

Part of the creation and destruction cycle of the Lion’s gate portal is the destructive energy that rips through the 3D aspects of our lives, while creation energy empowers the 4D. In my own life my law practice has been hit hard by the pandemic, while my coaching and healing work is expanding rapidly. When creation and destruction rip through your life, recognize it for what it is – the gift of contrast.

Contrast is the greatest teacher there is, because it gives us an opportunity to make an informed choice about what we prefer. What does it mean to not just survive but to thrive? Many of us don’t know, because we have never actually experienced thriving. We have never experienced deep alignment with our soul, mission, and life circumstances.

But July will be providing many of us with glimpses of what thriving feels like in our jobs and love lives. We will get a taste or a feast of what it feels like to be deeply aligned in work and love, which will make the places where we are out of alignment even more evident.

When you get this gift of contrast it may be tempting to burn down the old life to pursue the new. But the old life and the old self tend to follow us as long as they have something to teach us. So be sure you are really done with the old before you try to burn it down.

These experiences of contrast give us clarity and motivation to move in the right direction, towards alignment and thriving. They reorient our compass towards true North. But the journey towards our destination takes time.

July will also be giving many of us the gift of contrast when it comes to true love and divine union. We don’t know true love and soul connection until we have experienced it. Until we’ve experienced true love we often mistake it for sexual and karmic attraction. But once we experience deep alignment with another being that lights up every aspect of our being, all doubts are dispelled and it is hard to settle for anything less.

Sometimes these experiences of divine love and soul connection lead to divine union and relationship. Other times they simply show us what is possible in order to liberate us from our confusion and delusions. Don’t get too attached to the form of your beloved. If both are willing and ready your connection may lead to relationship. If not, be forever grateful that they gave you the gift of contrast, and you will never be confused or settle for less again.

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