In this July Energy Forecast we look at the energy for the month of July, what themes may arise, and how to skillfully navigate the energies. The big energetic events for July are the full moon lunar eclipse that will happen on July 5th, Mercury going direct on July 12th, and the new moon ono July 20th.  

In our June Energy Forecast we said that June was going to be a month of action supported by the fire energy of the solstice and the beginning of the “new normal.” We also said in our June Solstice energy update that the fire energy was going to be qualified with the energy of the fool, and that a lot of the feverish activity of June might be naïve and unskillful.

June felt like someone had removed a quark from the collective consciousness which allowed the release of built up energy. In July we are going to see some of the ways in which the feverish energy of June was qualified by the energy of the fool. One of the most apparent and physical ways we are seeing that play out is the rise in cases in those states that lifted social distancing restrictions too soon.

In our May video we said that May was going to be a tower moment for young soul leaders who were exercising poor judgment and a lack of discernment, specifically relating to how they were handling the virus. In July we are going to see more of the consequences of those unskillful decisions come to pass.

The consequences of our unskillful and naive decisions and actions in May and June is going to call in a temperance energy in July. We are going to start recognizing the ways in which some of the things we did in May and July were unwise. This is going to be spurred on by a sudden change in circumstances and movement in unresolved situations both at the collective and personal level.

On the collective and personal level we do not want to face truth. The truth is uncomfortable and we don’t want to deal with the implications. We don’t want to face up to the reality of the present moment and its implications for the future. July is going to make that unavoidable. July is about physical reality slapping us in the face and saying, “wake up!”

For many of us this will mean getting closure on unresolved situations in our lives. The subconscious is going to be active in July and you may find yourself having more eventful dreams than usual. This is all creating an opportunity to heal subconscious wounds and unresolved things in your life that May and June have shown are unsustainable.

Remember that the cosmos mirrors you. Your life is a reflection of your vibration, which is merely the culmination of your thoughts, feelings, and deeds. July is a time to be immaculate in the way you express yourself as an aspect of divine consciousness. How are you communicating with the universe? What energy are you putting out? What are you receiving back in the form of your life circumstances? Your life is a reflection of your vibration, if you don’t understand why something is the way it is in your life look deeper until you see that within yourself that needed the experience.