In recent weeks I’ve noticed an increase in the ascension symptoms of dizziness and nausea in a lot of people. This is particularly interesting because as I’ve connected with people experiencing these symptoms I’ve noticed buzzing at the third eye, and a sense that the person is energetically stuck between dimensions.

Ascension symptoms are a popular topic because they are so prevalent. Sometimes this has the unfortunate effect of people attributing every ache and pain to the ascension. In my experience most ascension symptoms are a byproduct of either an energetic purging often associated with full moons, or an energetically overloaded energy body which tends to happen when there is a new moon or increase in solar activity and an increase in the Schumann resonance.

The severity of these symptoms can be decreased through consistent meditation, pranayama, and a healthy lifestyle. Doing these practices everyday helps detox your subconscious/pain body and purify your nervous system, so there is less to detox and our nervous system is better able to weather solar storms.

The nausea and dizziness I’m seeing lately, however, is somewhat different from these two traditional categories of ascension symptoms. This particular combination of symptoms appears to be associated with the increasing dissonance between the 3rd dimension and 4th/5th dimension.

It is getting harder and harder to move between dimensions. The 3rd dimension is descending into ever more fear and chaos. When you tune into that frequency of consciousness you will feel a clenching of your stomach muscles and a rise in anxiety. Because that is where the collective 3rd awareness is at this time.

Conversely, more and more people are moving decisively into the 4th dimension and higher and the energies hitting the planet at this time are expanding our capacity to inhabit these higher dimensions of consciousness while in human bodies. Since March the theme has been duality. People are able to experience heaven or hell at this time, which is further splitting the dimensions.

When you experience the nausea and dizziness ascension symptom you are in the space between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. You are trapped between dimensions, and the static of the tension between the two is making you ill. It is getting harder and harder to slip between dimensions as we use to do. The 4th dimension is beckoning us to fully inhabit this new realm of being.

Anything that is too heavy can’t come with us to the 4th dimension. We must leave our fear, anger, and hatred behind. We must leave behind our tendencies toward sleep and escapism. The 4th dimension is asking us to go all in. No more straddling dimensions. No more compartmentalization.

We inhabit the heart and seek to embody unconditional love or we do not. When you engage in the emotions of fear, hatred, and anger or engage in activities relating to escapism and sleep you are anchoring yourself in the 3rd dimension. Let those things go. They can’t come with you where we are going. There is no place for those things in heaven on Earth.

The practices I have suggested before such as meditation, pranayama, and a healthy lifestyle will continue to serve you. I recently made a video showing you techniques for awakening and clearing the heart space. If you find yourself having the ascension symptoms mentioned do those exercises. They will help you anchor into the heart space and therefore the 4th dimension.

We all have 3rd dimensional bodies that are creatures of the solar plexus. But once we sufficiently open and energize the heart space our 4th dimensional body comes online. At that point we are dual activated beings, capable of existing in both dimensions. The 4th dimensional energy body is more subtle than your gross 3D form. The kundalini awakening is generally speaking the activation of this subtle energy body. Once awakened you become aware of the energetic nature of reality and the flow of energy.

As the 4th dimensional energy body becomes more activated and energized you shift from being predominately identified with the 3D body to being identified in your consciousness with the 4D energetic body. Once the 4D body is activated you are also able to inhabit the higher dimensions of consciousness, all while still having a 3D incarnate body. This is why someone can have a 3D body but may exhibit a nondual state of consciousness associated with the 6th dimension and higher where their awareness is predominated by the energy of the third eye and above.

Most people will not fully inhabit the 4th dimension until their 3rd dimensional body dies. However, some of us will physically ascend the 3rd dimension body into the 4th dimension without the need for physical death. A number of saints and yogis have achieved this throughout history. It is a rare feat but appears to be possible.

Whether you fully ascend to the 4th dimension in this life or the next, you must do the work in this lifetime of inhabiting a 4th dimensional level of consciousness. You are being called to be in this world but not of it. To have a 3D body and life that is gradually transformed into a 4D life. All transformation begins at the level of consciousness. To inhabit a 4D body full time you must have a 4D state of consciousness full time.