In this January New Moon Message 2021 we discuss the themes for the January 13th new moon. The themes for the January New Moon are that (i) the collective is at a tipping point, (ii) the awakened must find the master within, (iii) which is witnessing awareness, (iv) or become a slave to the mind, (v) in order to navigate accelerating change with grace.

Collective Tipping Point

The collective is at a tipping point. It is unclear how our leaders and civilization will meet the challenges of our time. In these extraordinary times there is an opportunity for greatness, nobility, and honor as well as mediocrity, pettiness, and weakness. Are our leaders up to the task? Are we as a people? It is unclear.

Find the Master Within

The awakened must find the master within. Being a spiritual deletant is no longer an option. You will be a master in your own right, or a slave to someone else’s agenda. Those are the options before us.

It is often said that the mind is useful servant but a terrible master. If your mind is your master then you are a slave. Because the mind is never of its own making. It is a culmination of external influences and biases. It is easily tricked and manipulated by its own prejudices.

Put your mind it is rightful place as servant of your witnessing awareness. Your witnessing awareness is the inner master. It is that aspect of self which is unchanged by exterior circumstances, it simply sees and knows.

Become the Witness

Become witnessing awareness. Lay down your heavy mind. If you are too identified with your mind you will be driven insane. Meditate daily. Practice identifying with witnessing awareness daily. Become the witness, disidentify with the mind.

When you are identified with the witness, the inner master, you will simply know truth from falsehood. You will see it like you might see the sun. You do not need further proof that the sun shines brightly when it shines upon your face and eyes. The truth is self-evident. The stories of the blind that there is no sun hold no interest.

Lack of identification with witnessing awareness is to walk through the world blind. It is to walk through the world denying the sun. Even as it shines upon your face and nourishes your body.

Slave of the Mind

Many have become slaves to their minds. Many walk through life believing themselves to be masters, when they are in fact slaves to exterior forces. The great liberator is daily meditation. Only through consistent practice may your inner mastery come forward and self-evident truth be revealed. Be no more a slave to the fickle stories and competing agendas of others. Look within, awaken, open your eyes, and see the sunshine shinning upon your face.

Grace Amidst Accelerating Change

When you find your inner mastery by identifying your awareness with the inner witness you will walk through these times of accelerating change with grace. If not you will find yourself groping in the dark and led astray. Before you seek truth outside of the self, seek ye within. Then the golden path filled with sunlight will be revealed, and the paths of darkness and lesser lights will fade away.