In this January New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the January 2nd new moon in Capricorn. This January new moon is the proverbial firing of the pistol starting the race of creation and expansion that is 2022. A tremendous amount of fire energy is entering the planet throughout 2022 and it is manifesting as both creation and destruction. Now is the time to ask what wants to be expressed through you, and to allow yourself to become possessed by what wants to be.

When we become one pointed and aligned with our innate truth, we become a channel for infinite creative energy. From this place of deep alignment we have the capacity to birth new realities for ourselves and the collective.

January and beyond are very supportive of physical creation and change. Our physical manifestations birthed through our alignment with innate truth are being blessed and empowered by a universe that wants them to be.

The key to allowing what wants to be to be expressed through you is to allow yourself to enter into a deep state of surrender. Trust that what is yours cannot be taken from you, and what is not cannot stay. Allow the door to your life to swing wide open and allow the old to exit and the new to enter. Trust that your vibration is attracting what is needed and repelling what no longer serves.

It is also important at this time to allow old partnerships to dissolve and new ones to come together. This can mean romantic, business, or the coming together in shared spiritual mission.

The time of the lone wolf is over. The time of the beloved community is now.

We can create so much more together than we can apart. Many of us have been doing it all alone for a long time. Or have been in partnerships without deep alignment with innate truth. Creating alone or in partnerships that aren’t in alignment is very difficult, and it may feel like the universe has been conspiring against us.

However, the universe is always conspiring in favor of our highest good. Sometimes that happens by showing us the limitations of what we can accomplish alone, or the ways in which our partnerships lack compatibility.

The universe may be guiding you towards your destiny through the use of the “carrot and stick.”

On one hand trying to go it alone or in partnerships that aren’t in alignment may be bringing about discomfort and chaos – that is the stick.

On the other some really beautiful opportunities for partnership and community based on innate truth and a shared desire to serve the common good may be presenting themselves in very enticing ways – that is the carrot.

The universe is using the “carrot and stick” to guide us towards our destinies. That is how much we are loved, and how much the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible wants to be expressed through us.