In this January full moon message 2021 we look at the energy for the January 28th full moon. Full moons are a time for emotional and energetic purging, and for cycles to reach completion. This full moon holds a profound sense of sorrow for many. However, through great sorrow there is opportunity for great transformation. Because it is often the sorrow that drives us to transform.

One moment we can feel hopeful and on top of the world, the next we can feel sorrowful and hopeless. These swings in mood can happen in a moment with little to no prompting. Life circumstances that were yesterday pleasant, may today feel intolerable.

Beneath these abrupt shifts in mood turns the hidden wheel of time, fate and karma. The hidden wheel of change turns constantly. History may rhyme but it never repeats. We never experience the same moment the same way twice.

When we change slowly our life can seem to have a great deal of continuity. Our identity can feel stable and our future known. However, when we begin to change quickly we begin to see the false promise of our expectations about the future. Tomorrow will not necessarily look like yesterday, because today your perspective may radically change. So even if tomorrow physically looks like yesterday, the state of consciousness you encounter it with may be radically different.

Sorrow often arises when our state of consciousness has outgrown our life circumstances and physical reality. These are growing pains. They are natural and inevitable. As consciousness grows and expands our identities, relationships, life circumstances and environment must grow with it. Growth happens from the inside out. First our state of consciousness expands, then the sorrow of our lack of alignment forces us to change our physical reality.

In order to navigate these growth pains skillfully we must learn to distinguish between the negative state of laziness and the positive state of no-doing. Laziness is a negative state defined by complacency that leaves us feeling dull, dead and sleepy. Non-doing on the other hand is a positive state wherein we are fully present in the present moment overflowing with energy and creative potential.

Laziness is succumbing to the comforts of sleep and the things that lower our vibration. It is seeking refuge in unconscious states of being and behaviors. Non-doing on the other hand is to remain awake, to rest in your power, and cultivate daily habits and behaviors that keep you in a conscious state.

This is the time for non-doing, not laziness. We are experiencing the growing pains of conscious evolution. Noticing that our state of awareness is outgrowing our physical reality. Noticing where there is lack of alignment and polarizing our desire for a different way of being. If we remain awake, when the moment is ripe for physical change the fruit will drop from the tree and we will spring into inspired creative action. But timing is everything. The fruit will drop when it is ready.

First we create in the astral through the polarization of desire. We dream our future long before it ever becomes manifest in physical reality. For many of us our future is still under construction in the astral, keep dreaming, remain ready for when it is ready to be birthed into the physical.