In this January Energy Update 2021 we look at the energy for the month of January and the December 29th full moon in cancer. The themes for the month of January 2021 are (i) deadly inertia for the sleeping, (ii) steely determination for the awakened, (iii) no standing still for the drowsing, (iv) accelerating change like it or not, and (v) embodying and grounding mastery.

In Vedic astrology Saturn is the Lord of Karma and is regarded as a malefic planet associated with authority and restriction. Saturn is going to be a dominant energy for 2021. Many people fear karma and associate it with suffering. However, karma is just the inertia of past actions. We are met with more of the same of whatever we put out into the world. Virtue is rewarded with virtue, suffering with suffering.

The year 2020 has been a foundational year. It has been a year of choice. In 2021 we will be eating the meal prepared in 2020. In the upcoming year we will be experiencing the consequences of our choices, and it begins in January.

Deadly Inertia for the Sleeping

The righteous and wise have no need to fear karma. However, those who are wicked or foolish should beware. The collective is still caught in the inertia of the sleeping. The last four years many have been in a nightmare filled with all the unresolved collective traumas.

In January there will be a new beginning. But in reality it is merely a return to the dream we were dreaming before. It is the dream of the “sins of omission” of denial and a different sort of self-delusion. It is a return to the post-World War II story of the ascent of mankind through reason, technology, and democracy.

However, the flaws in that story are evident to the awakened and sleeping alike. There is no going back to normal, and the old “status quo” ways of doing thing are increasingly inadequate. For those who have placed their riches in the kingdom of man there will be increasing material trouble and uncertainty. Those who look to the old institutions to solve their problems will be sorely disappointed.

The collective inertia for the sleeping is indeed deadly, but it is a slow burn. The pain is constant, but many have become accustomed to it. The runaway locomotive of our civilization continues its course off the edge of the cliff at a slightly slower pace than over the last four years. But the course is unchanged.

Steely Determination for the Awakened

For those who have awakened to their true nature as infinite spiritual beings, keep going. You are on the right track. Your steadfast commitment and steely determination are needed. While you exist in the context of the collective experience, your subjective reality can be very different.

The seeds you sowed in 2020 will start quickening in January and throughout 2021. Those seeds are just starting to quicken within the ground. But those dreams are alive and well and starting to come into being. For the awakened January and the remainder of this decade is an opportunity to truly thrive.

However, that thriving will have to be done within the context of collective chaos and dysfunction. So in order to thrive and realize your dreams, you must hold a clear vision for your future and remain dedicated to making it a reality. Remember that you are riding on the inertia of your past actions, and that every small step in the present moment towards your preferred reality helps build that inertia into an unstoppable force.

No Standing Still for the Drowsing

The sleeping will enjoy a brief reprieve in January. The intensity of the catalyst will be slightly lessened. But the destination is the same. Conversely, for the drowsing catalyst will intensify. The middle ground grows smaller and smaller and becomes ever more uncomfortable to occupy.

Those unsustainable life circumstances and relationships that are out of alignment with the soul’s purpose will become even more uncomfortable. Karma often awakens the drowsing through suffering. The closer you get to awakening the more intense the catalyst grows. It is forcing you to choose transformation or going backwards to revisit lessons unlearned, there is no standing still. It is time to graduate or repeat the grade.

Accelerating Change Like It or Not

Whether you are sleeping, drowsing, or wide awake January and the remainder of this decade contain accelerating change, like it or not. For some that change will be traumatic, for others it will be liberating. Sometimes the accelerating change in the unseen realms, other times it is right in front of you. It will be the worst of times, or the best of times. The only option unavailable to us is standing still.

Embodying and Grounding Mastery

In January and beyond the awakened are being called to embody and ground their mastery. Claim your mastery and own it. No more standing still. You’ve made it this far. If not now when? We are all students and we are all masters. It is time to embody what you have learned.