In this January Ascension Energy Update 2021 we discuss the massive solar plexus purging taking place this month. For the last several weeks I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of energy running through the solar plexus. This will be causing an uptick in ascension symptoms for many relating to the stomach and digestion. You may also notice you are more easily triggered than usual.

Many people are interested in ascension symptoms because they are a physical confirmation of spiritual reality. However, fewer are interested in the cure. Unfortunately there is no medicating ascension. You can try self-medicating with things that make you numb and suppress symptoms. But ultimately we all must confront that in us which is out of alignment and unresolved and do the work of healing and transformation, which takes daily practice and cultivation.

Ascension symptoms generally are a byproduct of psychological, energetic, and physical toxicity in the body being boiled to the surface by light. Mitigating ascension symptoms requires purification and healing on all levels.

While physical purification is important, an often neglected component of new age spirituality is the cultivation of virtue. The concept of virtue is quaint by modern standards and frequently misunderstood. However, the daily practice of cultivating virtue and a strong character are a key component of achieving psychological health.

Different cultures cite different virtues as being the most important and highly valued. These differences are a reflection of different cultural values and priorities. However, for the purpose of spiritual evolution I think it is useful to focus on the cardinal virtues of peace, love, fearlessness, and truth.


Be at peace with yourself and others. Identify bellicosity within your heart and see the perception of separation that is its source. We can only ever be at war with that which we view as being separate from ourselves. What are you othering? What aspect of yourself that is unacceptable to you are you trying to eradicate in another? Walk through the world in a way that embodies the quality of harmlessness. Strive for harmony in your relationships.


Love yourself and others unconditionally. Many people are afraid to love because they associate loving others with having no boundaries. They are afraid that love will make them foolish, passive, and a martyr. However, this view of love is quite unbalanced. To love unconditionally simply means to remain in conscious connection with others, and continually see them as nothing other than another aspect of self.

Love others and love yourself. Never forget you are both part of the same whole. Sometimes we need physical boundaries, we have the right to choose who we give our time and energy to, but we need never throw anyone out of our heart 


Fearlessness is something other than courage. We can only be courageous when we are afraid. Courageousness is willing ourselves to do that which we are afraid of. Fearlessness is not being afraid. Fear arises as a byproduct of our misidentification with form. We are afraid when we mistakenly believe there is something to be afraid of. We are afraid when we mistakenly believe that destruction or harm to this body or that of another is more than a relative reality, forgetting the absolute reality of the soul’s immortality.

Clarify where you are experiencing fear. Identify the misperception and misidentification with relative reality. Shift your perspective to view the situation through the lens of absolute reality and your soul’s immortality.


Truth is the expression of the aforementioned virtues. Without it we cannot truly be peaceful, loving, and fearless. Know thyself and to thine own self be true. Know thyself to be an infinite aspect of god having a finite experience. Be true to that absolute reality in your relative experience. Be honest with yourself and others at all times. Avoid even little white lies.

Every distortion of truth or omission puts a lump in the throat that cuts off the flow of prana. Which cuts us off from the realization of the ultimate reality of our great “I AM.” Be peaceful and loving in your speech. If your words want to come out bellicose, bring your awareness back to your heart until you find the love in the present moment. Your bellicosity is the product of falsehood. Speak the truth without fear. The truth can only ever destroy our delusions and those of others.