In this video we discuss how to read tarot or oracle cards. Tarot card reading is a form of divination with a long and storied past. Once belonging to carnival side shows it has reemerged in recent years as a useful tool for those on the spiritual path. However, as with all forms of divination it is not without its perils.

The cards most tarot readings will range from the random, useful, to the misleading. The accuracy and usefulness of the cards will depend on the clarity of the one doing the reading. It is also important to have a good deck that has positively oriented and useful guidance.

The two main tools in tarot reading are the intuition of the reader and the deck. Intuition is something that is cultivated over time through effective spiritual practices. It also becomes stronger with use. So, using tarot cards may be a useful way to develop your intuitive abilities.

During a tarot reading a metaphysical web of connection is formed between the reader, the deck, the querent, and the possibility probability vortexes of the future. The deck serves as an interface in the web of connection that can be used to gain information and clarity.

Clearing the Deck

When working with tarot or oracle cards it is first important to select a deck, then energetically clear it and yourself before the reading. I invoke the violet flame to purify the deck and myself before a reading. You may also find it useful to burn incense such as sage or palo santo. This helps reduce interference and creates a blank canvas for the reading.

Connect with Spirit

The next step is to connect with spirit. This is the most important step in the process because the success of the reading depends on the strength of the reader’s connection with spirit. With awareness focused at the third eye I usually invoke Lord Ganesh and ask that he clear the path to my higher self.

When I connect with my higher self I ask for divine assistance to protect my connection with spirit during the reading. If the connection to spirit is unstable or not protected then the reading will be random at best and misleading at worst. This is when bad tarot reading can do more harm than good.

Pulling the Cards

Once connected to spirit you may shuffle the deck and ask spirit your query. It is useful to have a layout in mind before asking for cards. Using a layout will usually give you a more focused and accurate reading. Every tarot deck includes suggested layouts. Use one that resonates and keep it in mind as you do your reading.

As you shuffle the cards remain connected to spirit and ask for the first card which might be the issue at play or a representation of the querent. As you shuffle the cards you may find your hands have a mind of their own, and you may find that one or more cards have more energy or “heat” around them. This sort of sensitivity comes with practice and cannot be rushed. Until you have this level of sensitivity your results are likely to be quite random.

After pulling a card that is speaking to you confirm with spirit this is the card you were asking for. Over time you should be able to get at least a “yes” or “no” from spirit and will likely get more information as you continue to develop your intuition. Once you have selected a card put it down, shuffle the deck and pull the next card in the layout repeating the process.

Interpreting the Reading

The meaning of each card will be relative to its position in whatever layout you use. Read the meaning of each card in the guide that comes with the tarot deck and note whatever stands out. I like to make notes in a notebook for each card and contemplate the cards before sitting down and writing out an interpretation.  

A good tarot deck will give useful guidance even if the cards are relatively random. However, as you refine your intuition you will become more accurate and less random with your readings. Over time you will develop confidence and faith in your ability to use this divination method.

But don’t let divination become a crutch. The cards and stars may help us gain clarity but are no substitute for our own discernment. These things are but tools to assist us with accessing the wisdom of our own being. When the information is in it is up to us to decide how you use it.

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