In this video we discuss how to protect your peace and energy and how important it is to surviving the metawar. There is a war of thoughts taking place in cyber space and on social media. People are more and more polarized and everyone wants to enlist you in their agenda or view you as an enemy combatant.

Most of us are connected to people via social media that we would not chose to spend time with in person. Moreover, social media makes the thoughts of friends, family, and acquaintances more transparent to us. We often end up realizing how little we have in common with people we once felt common ground with. This is training wheels for fourth density, where all thoughts are transparent to everyone at all times.

The collective consciousness is increasingly polarized and many people are trying to sink energetic hooks into us to pull us into the metawar. However, in the context of online debate no one hardly ever changes anyone else’s mind. People are usually more vicious and cruel to one another on social media than they would be in person, because we objectify one another and reduce one another to a meme. It is easier to wage thought war from behind a computer screen and keyboard than while looking someone in the eyes.

Not every invitation to engage in an online argument must be accepted. Recognize when there isn’t sufficient common ground to engage in productive dialogue. Have offline conversation with people who share a common ground of decency, reason and empathy. Resist the hooks and slings of online meta warriors who seek only to spar.

Most people have no interest in changing their mind. They just want to engage in verbal combat. That probably isn’t a very good use of anyone’s time and energy. If you find yourself getting pulled into unproductive online debates don’t be afraid to make your social media a walled garden. Allow those in who can walk in peace, but you need not let in those who cannot.

Protect your peace above all else. Your peaceful state of being is one of your greatest contributions to the collective. Whatever you do try to do it with peace. Identity what is your work to do and do it. Retrain from entering into pointless online debates. Use your time and energy effectively to serve the healing and evolution of humanity in only the way you can.