In this video we discuss how to command the light through use of the great “I AM” presence. When we pray we beseech god as mother, father or lord. When we pray we are supplicants seeking a favor from the divine, and therefore are separate from it. To pray is an act of devotion that is very useful for opening the heart and moving into deeper trust and relationship with the divine. However, as we move deeper into god and self-realization our prayers may gradually become commands.

As awareness becomes more absorbed in the third eye and crown chakra we move from being a separate self to being one with the great “I AM.” That aspect of our awareness which witnesses thoughts but is not identified with them is that aspect of ourself that is forever and always one with god. To attain experience of witnessing awareness is to realize your identity with the that presence which permeates all things.

As self and god realization progresses we reach a point where the sense of separateness between the self and god during prayer dissolves. We pray to the mother/father god within our heart and in heaven. We commune with the infinite self from that aspect of our self which is forever and always one with the higher self.

At that point we stop approaching god like beggars seeking a boon, and instead command the light as god by and through our purified desire and will. God has no desires except as expressed through its infinite individual expressions. It is through the individuated expressions of god that its creative power and manifesting will are expressed.

So you are not a beggar seeking a boon. You are god made manifest co-creating your universe. Stand tall and know that when you command from your witnessing awareness and great “I AM” presence it is god who speaks, and the universe cannot but comply.

As we discussed in the video “How to Pray Like a Yogi” the universe can only respond to our prayers or commands in proportion to the strength of our request. In ordinary consciousness the signal is weak and covered with the clouds of competing thoughts. But when awareness instead resides in the great “I AM” presence our mind is clear and our singular thoughts powerful. The clearer and more energized the lower energy centers become the more powerful becomes our commands.

When purified desire is wed with implacable will, we become an unstoppable force capable of commanding the power of god. We no longer pray but command a thing as though it were already done. When we command with the power of god the universe has no choice but to respond.

Those who command from ordinary consciousness will have less luck. It is the application of this divine principle by those stuck in ordinary consciousness that has given the idea of co-creating your reality a bad rap. However, the principle is sound the success of its application just depends on your state of consciousness.

Repeating and feeling often that “I AM the only presence active in my life,” “I AM the infinite intelligence and power of god,” and “I AM the master of my life and the god of my universe” will help cultivate the appropriate attitude. You come to realize as you command the light you command the self. You do not work changes in anything exterior to you, but only alter states of consciousness of the extended self.

The more you command from the “I AM” presence the more effectively you can command. Power increases with use. Everything seen and unseen is but a manifestation of intelligent light, which is an extension of your “I AM” presence. Emotions and qualities of being are all rays of light that can be enhanced through application of your desire and will commanded through your great “I AM presence.”

So command with feeling daily that….

“I AM fully self and god realized.

I AM the god of my universe.

I AM the only presence active in my life.

I AM god’s infinite love.

I AM god’s infinite wisdom.

I AM god’s infinite power.

I AM the temple of the ever-living god.”

What we say with conviction through the “I AM” presence we become. The entire universe springs into action upon our command. Be patient and affirm daily who and what you are, and it is what you shall become.