In this video we discuss how to awaken people. In the Law of One when asked how to be of service to those who are spiritually asleep Ra says the best thing one can do is offer them the comforts of sleep. Because one can only be served to the extent there is a calling for service. Those who are spiritually asleep generally are calling for the comforts of sleep. They are calling for diversions and comfort, bread and circuses.

When we seek to awaken those who are spiritually asleep when there is no calling for our service, we are in a sense violating their free will. When we first awaken to spirit or find a book, method or teacher that has helped facilitate our awakening and evolution, it can be tempting to become evangelical.

We wish to share the good news of our discovery. We want those in our lives who we love to reap similar benefits. So we try to sell them on our method. People awaken when they are ready, this life or another.

How has that worked out for you? St. Francis is credited with saying that we should preach the gospel constantly and when necessary speak. Gandhi said when asked what his message was to others that his message was his life.

Your greatest gift to the healing and evolution of others is your awakened presence. Let your life be your message. Preach the gospel constantly, and when necessary speak. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Then if someone asks or expresses interest share your story. Share what works for you. To the sleeping we offer the comforts of sleep. The sleeping having little interest in your story or your methods. But the drowsing may be attracted to your awakened presence.

Be present for those who are awakening. Share your story. Share your methods. Share your truth. After that the ball is in their court. They will awaken further or go back to sleep. They will inquire further or not. Your job is done. You have served in proportion to the calling.

For those who are asleep in your life give them the comforts of sleep. Let your life be your message. Do not do violence to them and their free will by trying to force them into premature awakening. Do not argue and try to persuade those who have not ears to hear.

For those who drowse and show interest in your spiritual path give them the gift of your presence and your story. Share to the extent there is interest. Don’t share more than is requested. Allow them the agency to continue sleeping or wake up. Listen for the calling for service and serve in proportion to that calling.

For those in your life who are spiritually awake build community and friendship. This is where you should spend most of your time and energy. Form connections with people on a similar path. The squaring effect of your joint seeking is your greatest service to humanity and Earth at this time.

Be with those who are committed to their own transformation and evolution. Build the beloved community together, and the more beautiful world your hearts know is possible. Listen for the calling to be of spiritual service to others. Don’t give more than is requested. Withdraw your time and energy from those relationships and situations where there is little to no calling for your service. You aren’t going to pull them up, they will pull you down.