In this video we will be discussing how the awakening community got hijacked. This topic has been on my mind for a while and is one of the reasons I first started making videos on YouTube. Over the years I’ve witnessed the awakening community become even more polarized, divided and confused as the larger society.

As we’ve discussed previously third density is the density of choice and we are in the midst of harvest or graduation. Many beings, incarnate and disincarnate, have their attention focused on Earth at this time to assist with the harvest and help people make the choice. Those of a positive polarity offer the lessons of unconditional love and protection, while those of negative polarity offer the lessons of separation and enslavement.

In a sense it is a war for the souls of humanity. Those of both negative and positive polarity are offering the lessons of their respective polarity to us at all times. It is like we have a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other, and we tend to get more of whatever we listen to the most.

However, as we have said previously most people on Earth at this time are in the sinkhole of indifference choosing neither light nor dark. Listening sometimes to the devil on their shoulder and other times the angels. This tendency towards confusion is playing out vividly in the awakening community.

This pattern is as old as recorded history. Whenever there is an offering of the lessons of light there must also be an equal offering of the lessons of darkness. This is a byproduct of the Law of Free Will.

Throughout history prophets, avatars and messiahs have incarnated to teach the lessons of love and light. Their message is ever the same. Love everyone and tell the truth. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. All is one. God is love.

These bright spots in history often burn brightly for a generation or two then get coopted by those with distortions towards power. That is how Jesus the Prince of Peace became the warmongering God of the Holy Roman Empire. Within a few generations the teachings of Jesus the martyr were turned into dogmas used to serve power and control the population.

For every message of light there is the opportunity for an equal message of darkness. Those teaching negative philosophy seek first to distort the positive message to sow confusion, then if possible invert it into negative philosophy. This is the age-old pattern playing out in modern times.

In the awakening community we have many figures who start out sharing quiet positively oriented material. Then over time there is a gradual shift toward more fear based and conspiratorial teachings and information. This is the Pied Piper or boiling frog effect, where people get led down a dark road and don’t recognize the shift until it is too late.

That is why religious fundamentalists are known for their hate and not their love. It is why so many who profess love, light, peace, and oneness end up endorsing racism, corruption, violence, and warmongering. Their position is usually justified by a conspiracy theory, intellectualization, or some version of the “ends justify the means.”

Beware any theory that takes you away from your heart. Your armor of light is your love. If you truly remain within the heart space and encounter all things through that eyes of love, you will filter out many opportunities for confusion. You will sense the distortion in perspectives informed by fear, ego and separation immediately and feel no need to pursue them further.

Moreover, the ends never justifies the means. This moral utilitarianism has paved many roads to hell with good intentions. The ends is merely a culmination of means. If the means are unloving, cruel, and violent the end will be as well. Act not in the present moment lest the action reflects your highest values.

If you value peace, love, and unity above all else embody those values in every moment. There are no short cuts. The goal is obtained only through persistent application of the basic principles of ahimsa (non-violence and respect for all beings) and compassion.

If you remain centered in the present moment and the heart you will resist being hijacked by negative distortions. Remain in your heart and the present moment. Only your mind can be hijacked. Divest it of power. Make it a servant of your heart. Empty your mind and make it simple. It is much easier to manipulate complexity than simplicity.