This video talks about how heaven /4d/5d is something that is realized then shared, not a place you go. People often get confused by the different terms for heaven, 4th density, 4th dimension, and 5th dimension but they all refer to the same thing. Heaven is something that is realized through the awakening of our own hearts, that once opened are shared with others. There is indeed a second coming of Christ consciousness that is going on right now, and it is being born through our own awakening hearts. The kundalini awakening experience we have previously talked about is also known as baptism by the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition. Words are insufficient to describe these things, do not let them be an impediment to experiencing them.

The process of the kundalini rising is the realization of salvation. But heaven is not just a personal salvation project, it is something that is realized then shared. If you went to heaven/4d/5d with your fearful, angry, depressed and anxious egoic mind you would turn it into hell. In order to obtain admittance to heaven we must engage in the process of conversion/ascension into more Christ-like beings right now in this present moment. Then when we have obtained peace and openness of heart within ourselves we go out and share it with those who have also realized their own salvation.

The Kingdom of Heaven/4d/5d is being birthed through our awakening hearts and built in community with other beings who have awakened their hearts and obtained salvation. Heaven is not a place we go, it is something we must realize right here now, first within ourselves, then in community with others.

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