In this Geralyn Gendreau interview we discuss her new book “Jungle Jean” and how parenting like our ancestors may be key to reclaiming our humanity. Geralyn Gendreau is an author and licensed psychotherapist whose inquiries into optimal mother-infant bonding and critique of “attachment theory” provide powerful insights into how we can form enduring, harmonious love-bonds as well as dynamic, high-functioning relationships in our professional lives.

Geralyn spent many years under the tutelage of Jean Liedloff, author of THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT (a/k/a TCC). Now a torch-bearer for Liedloff’s world-changing ideas, Geralyn is intent on creating a renaissance for TCC. First published in 1975 and still popular 46 years later, Liedloff’s seminal book about her experiences living with “original peoples” deep in the jungles of South America gave birth to the baby-wearing trend and attachment parenting movement. And while TCC is widely regarded as a childrearing classic, Gendreau is quick to point out that the book is actually a treatise on human nature. 

Geralyn has a new book out, called Jungle Jean, which is an authorized biography of her mentor Jean Liedloff, where Geralyn explores these and many other topics in depth.

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