In this video we discuss finding the inner teacher and living a spirit led life. The path to god and self-realization is long and winding. We begin that path in darkness. Lost in maya, not knowing up from down, backwards from forwards, darkness from light. Over time through the lessons of pleasure and pain we start to discern up, forwards, and light. At that point we are able to start moving out of darkness and upward towards the light of ever greater self-realization.

Sometimes along the way we are fortunate enough to meet teachers who help expedite our journey. Many teach us what not to be by their negative example, some educate our mind with valuable knowledge, and a few rare beings help liberate our soul.

A teacher who imparts liberation has been liberated. They have themselves learned to let the small self-step aside and surrender to god’s will manifesting through them. However, one should never get so caught up in revering a teacher that they forget to revere the god within them. Moreover, one should avoid the idolatry of mistaking a teacher, dogma, organization or method for god.

Use methods and learn from teachers in order to realize god within you. A time will come when your ego is tamed and your connection to god firm. When that time comes god will be your guru, and you will need no other.

Once the third eye and crown chakras are sufficiently activated you can live your life in constant god communion. God’s will need never be guessed at again. It will always be known, and it will be your choice to either consent or resist.  

Sometimes our identity as a student can become the enemy of our mastery. When the teacher is put on too much of a pedestal the faithful student can sometimes subconsciously retard their own spiritual growth out of fear of eclipsing the revered teacher. The unperfected teacher may even withhold information and techniques from the student in order to keep the student from ever surpassing them.

A realized teacher on the other hand will share all that you can handle and pray you surpass them. Because on the path of mastery only god can be our guru. God is the teacher that we will never surpass but may always strive to become. When we become disciples of god, we let go of all other allegiances.

Let neither class, creed, race nor attachment to dogma, organization or teacher stand in your way of living a spirit led life. Strive ceaselessly to know god’s will and establish an unshakeable connection to your higher self, which is but another name for god. Then simply surrender to the path spirit is leading you upon.