A lot of us are feeling the pressure of this eclipse season, but discomfort and spiritual growth go hand in hand. I’ve been dancing with discomfort and spiritual growth for the past ten years. Discomfort has become an old friend.

Each time the soul needs to expand I feel pressure to change to make room for it. For most of the past ten years the pressure has been around the need for personal transformation, healing, and aligning with spirit. For the last four or five the pressure has been building to move towards spiritual vocation.

The blueprint of healer, teacher, and devotee of god was activated in 2011 during my initial spiritual awakening. However, it has taken ten years of consenting to transformation and feeling discomfort to get to a point where I’m ready, willing, and able to serve.

I’ve come to think of discomfort as god’s hand on my shoulder guiding me towards…something. What that something is I’m not sure. Though the details are coming into focus.

Transformation is ultimately on god’s time table. Our job is to do the best we can without attachment to the fruits of our labor, and consent to our own transformation and growth.