Our state of consciousness always expands and changes faster than our external circumstances, which can leave us feeling stuck in the wake of an up level in consciousness. Setting boundaries is crucial for anyone who is on the spiritual journey. It is the only way we are able to make the changes necessary in our lives to progress spiritually.

June is providing a big opportunity for many of us to expand our consciousness and up level our vibration. That means it is possible to undergo significant change in your state of consciousness in a short period of time. The downside is that physical circumstances and relationships are much slower to change, which might leave you feeling stuck and resentful.

In order to move forward and start externalizing your increased state of consciousness you will need to revisit your boundaries. Those who know us generally expect us to be much the same as we were yesterday. They have a fixed idea of who we are and what the boundaries of our relationship might be.

These expectations create an invisible box that we may feel obligated to remain in. Initially the box may even make us feel safe and secure. But as we grow we start to outgrow the box of other people’s expectations and our previous boundaries within the relationship. When that happens we need new boundaries and a bigger box.

Tune into where you are feeling stuck, whether it is personally or professionally or both. Look at the relationships and old boundaries that are causing you to feel stuck. What are the four sides of your box? What needs to change? Where do you need more room to be the authentic expression of who you are and who you are becoming? What is negotiable and what is fixed?

Make a list of the four sides of your box by identifying four places where you feel stuck and stifled. Writing it down helps you identify where you are stuck and makes change more attainable. Go after the low hanging fruit first. Where are the weak spots in the wall you’ve built around yourself? What places are most ripe for change? What places are the most oppressive and burdensome.

When you identify those handful of places in your life that are making you feel stuck and suffocated initiate change. That usually means having that difficult conversation with people about resetting the boundaries of your relationship. That means changing expectations and the time, energy and space you commit to things

For healthy relationships with open and honest communication this should be a relatively easy process. For others it may be difficult. Some people hate change. They hate it when we change. They resist our growth and the new boundaries we may need to set. That isn’t a healthy relationship.

It is hard to overcome other peoples resistance to our change and evolution in addition to our own, but at the same time other people’s resistance can help us polarize our desire for change. There are two types of relationships, those that nurture us and those drain us. Both can be used to serve our evolution and growth, but part of setting new boundaries may mean minimizing draining relationships or eliminating them.  

People only have as much power over us as we let them. The walls of our boxes are only as real as we allow them to be. We are usually the architects of our own prisons. The walls are really comprised of our fears and perceptions of other peoples’s expectations and judgments. Let go of those fears and care less about those expectations and the wall will come tumbling down.