In this February New Moon Energy Update 2022 we discuss the energetic themes for the February 1st new moon. We’ve been saying for some time that 2022 was going to be an ascension rocket ship. But so far this year it has felt a bit like an “ascension roller coaster” as the transition from one life room to another begins in earnest.

Many of us continue to feel like we are navigating a space between the old and new. The new life room based on a higher state of consciousness is experientially available to us. Perhaps you are getting a preview of what it looks and feels like to be the next highest version of yourself. Yet much of the old remains, awaiting final release before moving fully into the new life room that awaits.

These transitionary phases between the old and new can be very challenging. It is often at this time that fear and doubt are most apt to arise and cause us to second guess our new path. The questioning mind wants a detailed image of what the new life room will look like, and a clear exit strategy from the old.

However, you are never going to have it all figured out and you can only plan so much for what is yet to be. Rather than allowing yourself to be paralyzed by all of the unknowns, trust that as you align with the highest possibility for your life and move steadfastly towards it that the details will work themselves out easier than you thought possible.

The universe is always conspiring to clarify our intentions, priorities, and desires. All of the contrast and difficulty we experience is trying to help us get really clear on who we are, what we are, and how we serve.

Every bump along the path is an invitation to either double down on your current trajectory or change coarse. Some challenges are intended to strengthen our resolve. Others invite us to re-examine our path and priorities and choose another.

Try not to get to lost in the mind’s game of “what if?” Keep it simple. Identify the highest possibility available to you and align with it with steadfast commitment. Continue to listen to spirit as you walk towards that new vision for your life, and as each challenge arises let what needs to be transformed transform in order to move forward. 

Welcome what wants to be and release what no longer serves you with grace.