In this February New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the February new moon. Around this new moon many of us are being confronted with the limitations of our prior conditioning for continued growth. The masks that once served us and enabled us to navigate the world no longer seem to work. They don’t get the results they once did, and when they do work our success seems to turn into ash in our hands.

The mind is concerned first and foremost with survival. We spend the first decade or so of our lives absorbing everything we can about our environment and social circumstances. Many of the attitudes and belief systems of our family and peers are unquestioningly adopted and integrated into our ego structure.

Quickly we become a somebody with opinions and preferences. We learn to adapt to our social environments, coding when necessary and dawning different masks for different occasions. We get so busy pleasing others we forget who we are. We forget what we prefer. We become hypocrites. We live double lives.

The pleasant masks that make life easy are in conflict with the true self. The masks keep us from experiencing true intimacy. They keep us trapped in uncomfortable lies. How often we wear masks to remain comfortably trapped in uncomfortable lies, for fear of losing that which never made us happy anyway.

This politicking causes us to limit ourselves to other people’s possibilities. We live a life that is not our own, which is qualified by other people’s expectations and limitations. We can never achieve our potential as long as we are living other people’s lives. In order to explore the limitless possibilities of our own potential we must become self-contained and nakedly authentic. Get rid of the partitions in your mind. Put down the masks and simply try to express what is true in the present moment, one moment at a time. You have nothing to lose but that which is not you.

Share your true self with others in the present moment, one moment at a time. Don’t grit your teeth and tell yourself you are fine when you aren’t. Feel your feelings in the present moment. Witness them and allow them. Stop hiding from yourself. Be your true self without attachment to needing to be acceptable or liked. Being your true self can only liberate you from situations and relationships that aren’t in alignment.

When you step into the void of the true self, you will stand in a space of limitless possibilities. That which is true and good can only be born from the space of our own truth and goodness. Don’t worry about people pleasing or fitting in. Strive instead to be nakedly authentic, without agenda or worries about the future. When you stand in the integrity of your own authenticity you stand on the common ground of truth and limitless possibilities.