In this February Full Moon Energy Update 2022 we discuss the energetic themes for the February full moon in Leo. The powerful crystalline energy of this full moon is catalyzing major shifts in consciousness that are forcing us into the unknown, and inviting us to trust that our inner mastery will carry us towards the highest possible outcome. This is the moment of truth. 

While change might have once felt slow and plodding, now you may find that things are shifting so quickly that you can’t keep up. As crystalline light hits the planet with greater intensity old heavy energies based in fear and separation are being boiled to the surface for expression, healing, and release. Sometimes that may feel like you are being asked to step right up to edge of the abyss and jump into the unknown. 

Most of us tend to avoid conflict and confrontation if at all possible. So we bury and avoid our differences, and co-exist at a superficial level. We all have people in our lives who we get along with precisely because we keep things superficial and avoid situations that would force us to confront those places where we lack alignment. Sometimes those differences are small, other times they are fundamental to who we are.

A painful but necessary part of the ascension process being catalyzed by the crystalline energy of this full moon is confronting our differences. As consciousness becomes more illuminated it becomes more difficult to abide in a false peace based on a superficial understanding of one another. 

When we confront our differences and bring them to the surface we step into the unknown. Will there be war? Will there be transformation and reconciliation that allows for greater truth and harmony? Will we part ways and accept that our differences are irreconcilable at this time?

These confrontations are playing out both at the collective level and within our individual lives. On the macroscopic level we are in the midst of an evolutionary split, with some embodying the light more than ever before and with others regressing to more tribal and individualistic states of consciousness. In our individual lives we may find there is an acceleration of old relationships ending or transforming and new relationships based on greater vibrational accord beginning. 

These earthly dramas are byproducts of our karma, and have been lifetimes in the making. Whatever confrontation you find yourself in, remember this situation was specifically designed for your healing, evolution, or growth. 

Our roles are always changing, sometimes we are the protagonist, antagonist, student, teacher, or healer. Perhaps the nature of our role depends on the perspective from which it is viewed. Whatever role you find yourself playing, trust that the situation you find yourself in has both an opportunity for you to be of service to others and to advance your own evolutionary journey. 

This is the moment of truth. We can no longer ignore our differences. We are at a point of necessary confrontation.  

We are in need of resolution. One way or another. 

We are in need of healing and reconciliation, or the clarity to know when our differences are irreconcilable, the maturity to let that be ok, and the wisdom to go our separate ways in peace. 

Those who seek peace may nevertheless find themselves the object of another’s war. This has always been the case. Peace lovers have always been given the choice by those who wish to wage war upon them to either consent to their own destruction, or defend themselves and that which is sacred.

Will there be war, peace, healing, or the infliction of greater injury? It’s hard to say. We live in a free will universe. Everyone gets a say. The future is written in the present moment. We may have some vague idea of how things might work out – but people can always surprise you. 

As you step into the abyss trust that your inner mastery will carry you forward in the present moment to the highest possible outcome. Allow things to remain fluid until the moment of decision arises and the path is set. 

Your duty is to maintain the highest ethical standards, the purest heart, and a steadfast commitment to being of service to others. Do that and the winds of fate will carry you to exactly where you need to go. Trust in your mastery, and you will achieve the highest good. What needs to transform will transform, and you will end up in a place of greater peace, love, and understanding.