In this February Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the February full moon. Many will be experiencing a spiritual peak or ascension uplevel around this February full moon. As we’ve discussed before the spiritual path is peaks and valleys, but as long as we keep walking and doing the work the peaks keep getting higher and the valleys more shallow. The journey itself never really ends.

A combination of planetary alignments and solar activity is causing this full moon to be a major up level moment. A flood of high vibrational light flooded the planet earlier this week with the forming of two new sunspots after several weeks of dormancy in solar activity.

My meditations have been deep and profound this week, and my intuition and ability to command the light has never been higher. I have been exploring the edges of what my body can energetically bear and have often felt like a fully charged lightening rod. Long dormant subtle channels have been energized within my subtle body, chakras have been expanded and further crystallized, and I find myself acutely aware of the muscles, bones, and organs of the physical body.

I share these observations not to boast or set myself apart as special. Rather I seek only to share my subjective experience of our collective ascension journey at this time. By far the greatest gift of this full moon so far has been deepening realization of my identity in god and with the great “I AM” presence that permeates all things. I feel more alive and delighted to be in a body than ever before, and yet I also feel less identified with it. I am aware more so than ever that “I AM” the only active presence in all things and that this body is but a point of temporal focus in space/time.

That is a synopsis of my “spiritual peak” and “ascension uplevel” in this moment. Many of us are getting a taste of the spiritual mastery we are capable of as the growing flame of awareness within us burns away limitations. Know that if you are experiencing this spiritual peak and your own mastery it is because you are ripe. You are not only riding the wave of the incoming light but channeling it through your very being.

Savor this moment and allow yourself to expand beyond your previous limitations. Allow the flame of awareness within you to burn away all self-limiting beliefs and realize your undivided identity with the great “I AM” permeating all things. Know that you are the Master of yourself and your life and the God of your Universe.

However, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that spiritual peaks do not last. We are being catapulted to great heights at the moment by the intensity of the incoming light. It makes expansion easy and almost effortless. When the wave passes as it always does you may find yourself on a higher purchase than you were before, but it will likely we somewhat lower than where you were at the height of the wave. This is fine and natural.

In order to minimize the worst aspects of the rubber band effect that often comes with these up levels in consciousness avoid self-doubt and guilt when the peak passes. Remember that the spiritual path is peaks and valleys. You are being lifted to a great height by the incoming light. You will stabilize at whatever level of consciousness you can sustainably bear.

Remember that the peaks only get higher and the valleys more shallow if you keep walking. If you keep doing your daily spiritual practices during the best of times and worst of times you will catch each wave and be carried to ever higher peaks of progressively deeper god and self-realization.

The journey has just begun. Celebrate this milestone. Enjoy the magnificent view from this expanded vantage. But when this wave passes and you find yourself descending back into a valley, keep walking. Never give up.

Pray always for greater self and god realization. The work is never done. The intensity and velocity of the waves of light hitting the planet are only going to increase. The work you do on the peak is as important as the work you do in the valley. Each step is carrying us home and birthing heaven on Earth through our awakening hearts.