In this February Energy Update 2021 we look at the energetic themes for February. The major theme for February is the choice between fighting and forgiving. Many of us will find ourselves turning inward this month, which is an opportunity to return to the center of our beings. This opportunity to withdraw from outward bellicosity is an opportunity to return to the heart which is the zero point of all creation. From this zero point we can witness the shifting timelines around us, and shift to that which is preferred through the resonance of our heart’s vibration. As we vibrate higher towards our optimal timeline, we need only let go of that which does not serve us and return to the innocence of the present moment.  

Fight or Forgive

The choice before us in February is to fight or forgive. Those who choose to fight are choosing the more difficult path – the path suffering, strife and assured mutual destruction. Most of us however, have grown very tired of fighting. We recognize the armor of war has caused our many unhealed wounds to remain unhealed. We have come to realize our own bellicosity is nothing more than our own unhealed pain. The path of war is a path of assured mutual destruction. The path of healing is a path of forgiving ourselves and others and moving on.

Turning Inward

Those who have tired of war and are choosing healing may find themselves turning inward this month. Many of us will find we are less and less interested in the dramas of third density. We have grown tired of the endless bickering and repeated cycles of pain and suffering. So we find ourselves withdrawing from the world, and releasing our attachments to outcome. Increasingly we watch our own minds and the play of form with a level of detachment. We see the warring factions for what they are. Injured children playing a futile game.

Return to Center

As we turn inwards we return to the center of our being. We recognize that we have been pulled in a thousand different directions by our own desires. We feel frayed and worn from having chased desires too long. Now we want to rest.

Rest in the self. Rest in the center of your being. It is your true home. It is where you reside when desire is not pulling you from your center. The month of February is about coming back home to the self and letting go of the desires that have caused you to fight and stray far from home.

This withdrawal from the world is returning you to your heart. Where the future is being born.

Shifting Timelines

Timelines continue to shift. The future is still being born. You may be feeling shacky. It may feel like the Earth is rocking beneath your feet. Your sense of security may feel challenged. The bedrocks of your life may be uprooted and replaced. The old must go to make way for the new.

Fire cleanses the Earth to make way for new growth. The storm cleanses the air and leaves it fresh and crisp. Watch the fire whip around you and through you. Watch the storm and feel it lash against your skin. Watch the death of the old world and the birth of the new from the vantage of your witnessing awareness.

Letting Go

We are completing a cycle. Allow sadness for loss when it arises but don’t hold onto it. Don’t make it a story that needs repeating and defines you. Witness it and let it go. We are at the point of no return. That which is not meant for you cannot stay, that which is meant for you is on its way.

Stop fighting the loss of the past. Stop fighting the birth of the future. Witness and allow. Let go of your need to be special or different. It is the cause of much suffering. Return to the innocence of the now moment.