In this February Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms Update 2021 we discuss the February ascension energy which can best be described as “riding the serpent of time.” Serpents do not slither in a straight line. They undulate in unpredictable patterns. In February we are on the back of the snake being carried towards the unknowable.

Since January of this year the most notable ascension symptom has been the experience of non-linear time. Subjectively it may feel like January was a year rather than a month, and that trend will continue to intensify throughout the month of February. This is a continuation and intensification of the phenomena noted in September of last year, where subjective time seems to dilate while objective time compresses. Since then subjective time has alternated between racing and crawling, with a few weeks of relative normalcy in between, which has led to a general feeling of disorientation.

Astrologically the weirdness with time is tied to the Saturn/Jupiter Grand Conjunction that occurred on December 21, 2020. However, the fluctuations in our sense of subjective time since September was but a foreshadow of a phenomena that will persist throughout 2023. This is due to a mysterious astrological configuration in Vedic astrology known as the Serpent of Time. This configuration occurs when all seven planets of the visible sky fall on one side of the zodiac, held within the arc of the nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu, according to a precise placement.

With one side of the zodiac empty and the other side inhabited by seven planets, a major imbalance occurs in our physical reality and perspective. This can trigger psychological destabilization, addiction, and self-destructive behavior. Moreover, for the collective it forebodes strange happenings. That which was taken for granted as stable and unchangeable as soon as 2019 will see a complete restructuring in the next few years.

The current Serpent of Time configuration will reach extreme intensity from February 8th until the 11th of 2021. There will be a confusion of conflicting energies during this time which may feel particularly disorienting. This Serpent of Time corridor will end on March 26, 2021 when Mars crosses over Rahu in Taurus, but since it is Mars conjuncting Rahu it will be a fiery finale. Additional Serpent of Time configurations will form throughout 2022 and 2023, suggesting a period of continued individual and collective upheaval and revelation.

We are riding the serpents back and are beyond the edge of the known moving into the unknowable. We are past the point of no return. There is no going back to normal. Let go of the past and know it has served you as well as it could. Proceed into the unknowable with an attitude of play.

Don’t take life too seriously. Life is a game. Even death is safe. Ride into the unknowable with childlike delight. Pleasure and pain are your teachers, learn your lessons with grace. Find laughter and joy even in the darkest moments.

Amidst the general feeling of disorientation you may feel estranged from your own life. The lack of alignment with family and friends may feel particularly noticeable and stark. Familiar environments may feel surreal and strange. This is a symptom of shifting timelines. We are riding the serpents back through time, space and dimensions.

Find stability by going within. Connect with that aspect of yourself which is unchanging. Tune into your great “I AM” presence and witnessing awareness. Relative reality is in flux. Stand firm in the absolute.