In this video we dive into the energy of the coronavirus, which appears to be a dimensional gateway and global initiation. It is a great leveler cutting across nationalities, races, gender, creed and class. Everyone is impacted by it and vulnerable to its influence.

All diseases arises as a result of an imbalance in the individual or collective energy. A pandemic by its very nature affects everyone, and therefore is a reflection of an imbalance in the collective energy. We are in a planetary ascension window that started several years ago, which is upgrading and purifying our hearts. The fires in rainforest were a tipping point that began the physical phase of that process.

The coronavirus offers an opportunity for the collective to purify and open our hearts, recognize our interconnectedness, and what is truly important in our lives. For too long we have prioritized money and economic growth over the wellbeing of the planet and our own bodies. We have lost sight of what is real and truly matters.

This virus has slowed us down and grounded us into our homes. It has reminded us of what our basic needs are, and how fragile our mode of life has been. This is a judgment and wakeup call, where review and reflection are needed. It is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth into a more balanced and heart centered configuration for the collective energy.