In this Equinox Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss the energy of the March Equinox, which I’m calling “The Stretch.” This ascension corridor is literally stretching us from above and below. Our upper chakras are receiving a tremendous amount of high vibrational energy, which may be blissing you out and/or exhausting your physical body. Additionally there is a lot of energy coming up from below, energizing our root chakra and sacral chakras. Which is presenting us with an opportunity to get more grounded and centered in our body than ever before.

As I’ve often said the ascension journey is like the tree of life. The higher our branches reach into the heavens the more important it is to sink our roots deep into the Earth. Whether you are being pulled down into your body or into the heavens I encourage you to seek balance and gently stretch yourself in the opposite direction. If you are blissing out and out of your body, get outside and do some physical activity if you are able. If on the other hand you are an energizer bunny and are bouncing off the walls, meditate more. It will be easier now than ever before to achieve those higher states of consciousness and ground that realization into the body.

Ascension is a two part process. First is the inner ascension of the subtle body, which occurs when it becomes sufficiently energized to ascend up into the higher self through star consciousness. This absorption into the white crystalline light is what yogis refer to as god realization. Once that occurs we begin the process of outer ascension, which involves the ascension of the physical body. Like with the subtle body this occurs when it becomes sufficiently light filled to journey upward and become absorbed into the higher self.

This March 2021 Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms video also discusses ascension symptoms for March. A lot of people will be experiencing headaches, vertigo, and feel like they are swimming. If you are feeling that ground more into your body. Use the Breath of Fire practice and circular breathing to get more activation in your lower triad, so you can ground higher consciousness into it.

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