A key component of the spiritual path is embodying radical sovereignty and being a victim no more. The small egoic self is a victim seeking security. The small self that is identified with its five senses lives in a chaotic and seemingly arbitrary world. It is a victim looking for a perpetrator.

The small self likes to play the blame game. When things don’t go its way it likes to blame god, fate, or other people. The small self either projects accountability outward onto external beings, or inward onto the small self. The former disempowers itself and feels helpless in the face of overwhelming forces. The latter seeks to gain ever more control over seemingly chaotic circumstances, and lives with the nagging sense of failure, never quite feeling that it has done enough. Both attitudes are creations of the separate self, and manifest as a sort of fragility. Both inevitably find themselves feeling broken by life circumstances that happen to them.

The suffering of the small self opens an opportunity for embodying a different perspective. As one’s identification with the small self moves more toward identification with witnessing awareness, which is the one without another, the opportunity arises for embodying radical sovereignty. As one becomes identified with the one without another, there are no longer any victims or villains. There is only the self looking out of different eyes. Life does not happen to you, it happens for you. You become alike in tragedy and gain.

As the small relative self becomes more identified with the absolute self you become able to see a little more of the big picture of life. Though your perspective may still be limited, there becomes established within you an unshakeable faith in the benevolence of the universe and its unfolding. The will of the small self becomes braided with the will of God, and every moment becomes filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. 

The higher self, which is the totality of your being distilled throughout countless lifetimes in countless dimensions, exists outside of space and time and sees in detail the course of our soul’s evolution. It is this higher self that programmed the lesson plan for this human incarnation. You chose your parents, race, gender, and country of birth. You chose the major lessons you wanted to work on during this incarnation.

Some of us were overly ambitious. Some of us feel like we bit off more than we can chew and feel overwhelmed by life circumstances. But the totality of our being knows we are capable. It knows these are the lessons we need. Accept the lessons for what they are – opportunities for radical growth and transformation.

We incarnated in human bodies during this time of transition to help humanity evolve. Many of us chose heavy karma to transmute energy for the collective. Some of us chose to be loveless and learn to love. Some of us chose difficult life circumstances to show others how to forgive, or to give them an opportunity to choose a better way.

There are no accidents. There are no victims. There are only sovereigns remembering the truth of who they are. When you find yourself beaten down by life and identifying with the small self, sit still and remember the truth of who you are. Move your awareness inward, and upward to the third eye and the crown of your divinity.

Sit straight with shoulders back and head high, and remember:

“I chose this, these are the lessons I chose. This is happening for me and my highest good. When I have learned the lessons this has to teach me this too shall pass. Everything is happening for my highest good. Every high and every low serves me. There are no accidents. There are no mistakes. Everything is going according to plan.”

Accept the present moment exactly as it is. Do not sugarcoat it. Do not avoid looking at it. Do not deny it. Do not engage in magical thinking. Accept the present moment exactly as it is. Learn from it. Take action in the present moment to transmute that which is not preferred into that which is desired.

Desire is the universe telling you what it wants to experience next. It is the compass leading you home back to the truth of who you are. Listen closely and remember that you are god. You are god experiencing limitation. You are god looking out of infinite eyes. You are god remembering the truth of who you are. You are god on a journey from identification with limitation, back to the infinite self without another.