In this video we discuss embodied spirituality and the importance of mastering the lower triad of energy centers as a necessary foundation for the spiritual path. Mastery of the lower three chakras is all about mastering being in a human body. Many spiritual traditions focus on the mind and mistrust the body. However, the mind is easily misled and we frequently deceive ourselves. Therefore, we should strive for embodied spirituality which is experientially validated and tested through the body.

The body is the grossest aspect of mind. It is that aspect of mind which directly interacts with physical reality. As such, spiritual realization must first be realized through the body before it can be truly understood at the more subtle levels.

Belief in an intellectual proposition or creed has little spiritual value. Even dogmas that are true but unrealized in the body are fragile beliefs of the ego that the ego seeks to defend and spread in order to validate itself. The key to secure faith and knowing is embodied spirituality experientially realized in the body.

Anyone who has done healing work with me will know we focus heavily on the body. Consciousness does not live between the ears in the brain. Consciousness pervades the entire body. The body itself is consciousness in motion. Memories, good and bad, live in the body. Pain and trauma live in the body.

The energy centers or chakras represent specific loci of consciousness. The root chakra in the tailbone relates to physical security, the sacral chakra in the spine about two inches below the navel relates to creativity, sexuality and personal power, while the solar plexus about two inches above the navel in the spine relates to will power and our social identity. Sometimes called the lower triad these three modalities of consciousness are the foundation for higher consciousness.

Healing and mastery of the energies in the lower triad is a crucial step for any spiritual aspirant. When we cultivate feelings of peace and harmony we cultivate the feelings of the balanced and healed root chakra. From that foundation of physical security we may work with passion and creativity as we explore and discipline our bodies and love life in a balanced way. Then from a place of empowerment and loving life we continue to refine and strengthen the will through physical manifestation and social interaction in the solar plexus and experience the joy of being.

Authentic spirituality starts with the body. Caring for the physical body is an act of devotion to the god within. Prioritizing doing the things that cause it to be strong, healthy, and clean are as important as meditation. Remember always that “This body is the temple of the ever-living god.”

Physical practices such as yoga and weight training are very useful for cultivating connection between mind, body and soul. Weight training can be very useful for developing the solar plexus and reminding ourselves we are capable of achieving things in physical reality. For instance, while weight training I remain in a meditative state. No music or browsing the phone, just presence and awareness of the breath and movement of the body. I also like to do pranayama while lifting, and try to be aware that it is the electric current running through me and not simply physical force that moves the weights.

Listen to the intelligence of the body. Master the lower triad and build a strong grounded foundation for your spiritual life. The taller our branches grow into the heavens of higher consciousness, the deeper our roots must sink into the Earth.