In this video we discuss defense against negative greetings. What are negative greetings? What is a psychic attack? How do you defend against a negative greeting or psychic attack? Third density is the density of choice. It is here that we choose either to be of service to others or service to self. All subsequent densities or dimensions are a refinement of the choice we make in third density.

It is the choice between the light side and the dark side. It is the choice between opening the heart and closing it. Many higher dimensional beings offer their assistance to help us make the choice. Angelic service to others entities offer protection and teaching of the lessons of love. Demonic service to self entities offer the lessons of hatred, anger, violence, and control. It is up to use to choose our lesson plan.

Demonic fourth density marauders cannot violate our free will but they can manipulate us into choosing service to self or corrupt our positive service. They do this by energizing and magnifying our negative impulses. So any negative thoughts me might have become more persistent and intense.

For those on the positive path it is best to relate to these negative greetings and psychic attacks with love and gratitude. You cannot beat negative entities at their own game without becoming them. So we must use the weapons of light to defeat them.

View our negative brothers and sisters with an attitude of love and gratitude. The are accelerating our spiritual path by pointing out where we are still stuck and have darkness. If you use these attacks as an opportunity to see and heal the darkness within you, the fires of the attacks will accelerate your spiritual growth and purify your being.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Is it yours or something within that has been amplified by another? Resist negative temptations and send love and gratitude to those who tempt you. As you embody more light and serve others your light may attract more shadows. Resist the temptations and allow the flames of the psychic battle to purify your being.

Align yourself with the forces of light and ask for help. Learn to dawn the armor of god and clear and protect a space from negative influence. These tools and allies will assist you as a warrior of light.