In this December New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the December 4th New Moon and solar eclipse. The theme for this December New Moon is integration. We are integrating our yin and yang, past and future, and the 3D and higher dimensional aspects of our beings. As we prepare the board the ascension rocket ship of 2022 we are integrating and elevating that from the past which serves our new life roles and new life room, and letting the rest go.

The energy of the December New Moon in Sagittarius is giving us the fire to start something new and enter into our new life room and role for 2022. But first it is inviting us to enter into a state of deep receptivity. Before we act it is important to first stop and listen for what wants to be. When we act from this place of receptivity and flow we will find our actions are supported and that we have all the energy we need to accomplish our tasks.

However, if we are too much in our minds and not listening we may find ourselves feeling exhausted and stuck. When we are too much in our worry and judgment it can feel like we have no good options to choose from. This can lead to paralysis, which keeps us stuck in unhappy patterns.

If you find yourself feeling stuck identify the option with the most light and possibilities, or the least bad option – and just do it! The time to act is now! The time to choose is now!

 As we often say heaven on Earth doesn’t usually show up in our lives fully formed. It comes disguised in the lessons we need to learn in order to realize it into our physical realities. Often, our ideal life circumstances come to us as a diamond in the rough that we simply need to patiently excavate.

Many of us have been choosing the “least bad option” or the room with the most light in it in a dark corridor for a long time. Each time we navigate our way to a room with a little more light in it, new rooms with even more light in them become available to us, and as we navigate towards them we find our lives become progressively more light filled. Many of us have been doing this invaluable work for a long time, and are finally approaching an inflection point. A room beckons full of light, laughter, and love that makes all the others look dim.

As we enter into the new life room and claim new life roles for 2022 and beyond don’t be surprised if the future includes aspects of the past. One thing always builds upon another. The skills and experiences that got you to where you are will be reclaimed at a higher level of consciousness as you enter the next room with more light. Be willing to take the best the past has to offer, and put it to use creating the next version of yourself.

As we approach 2022 and beyond we are truly on the leading edge of creation. The impossible is becoming not only possible, but actualized!

The most dangerous thing to be right now is undecided. When we don’t choose the universe tends to turn up the discomfort until we choose or it chooses for us. Your steadfast commitment to walking into the next room with the most light is your greatest ally!