In this December Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the December full moon in Gemini. The theme of this December full moon is that we are crossing the “Bridge to Destiny.” Many of us are closing out major chapters in our lives and clearing the path for new creations and a new life room in 2022 and beyond. How smooth that transition goes will depend in large part on how committed we are to letting go of what no longer serves and embracing what does. 

Many of us are in the “clean up” phase of releasing old karmic patterns and life circumstances that no longer serve our soul’s evolution. Sometimes that can be a messy process as we release lifetimes of karma in a very short period of time. 

The energy on the planet will continue to crescendo in intensity throughout 2022-2024 as we approach the solar maximum of this 11 year solar cycle. As it intensifies many will find that everything that is not in integrity and alignment in our lives is in a process of dissolution. That includes our bodies, partnerships, and life circumstances. 

Many are quite literally being presented with the choice to either die or evolve. If your body has ceased to be a vehicle for your soul’s evolution and growth you may find it is no longer supporting you. In order to enjoy health and rejuvenation of the physical body as the energy on the planet continues to rise in vibration it is imperative that we align ourselves with our most authentic truth and break the karmic patterns that have kept us in a rut for lifetimes

Similarly as Venus goes into retrograde from December 19th though January 29, 2022 our partnerships may be in a process of falling apart and coming together. Partnerships (romantic, platonic, or business) without deep alignment based in the highest integrity will find it very difficult to survive the energy of the next month. 

During this time of reordering of timelines and partnerships continue to move towards the room with the most light, and let that which no longer serves you go. The most dangerous thing to be right now is undecided. We stand at a crossroad, and the universe may be urging you towards positive transformation with both a “carrot and stick.”

On one hand the new opportunities and partnerships coming into our lives are of a higher order of consciousness and vibration than what has come before. Put simply there is the potential for more light, love, and joy in them. This is the carrot and it is very alluring, if you don’t let fear convince you it is too good to be true. It is truly an opportunity to co-create this next chapter of our lives with our soul families. 

On the other hand the current liferoom with its limited opportunities and relationships that no longer serve our soul’s evolution may feel very uncomfortable. All the places where there is lack of alignment and integrity are coming to the surface and the forces of entropy are making maintaining the status quo nearly impossible. 

When you commit to walking towards the new liferoom with more light you will find the carrot is enticement enough to evolve and transform, and that you don’t need as much encouragement from negative experiences to transform. On the other hand if you try to cling to that which is trying to fall apart, you may find things getting very difficult and uncomfortable. 

The key crossing this bridge to our destiny is our commitment to healing, higher consciousness, and integrity in our thoughts, actions, and deeds. When we align with those things we find our way is clear, and that all the beauty and abundance we could ever want is ready to come into our lives.