In our December Ascension Update 2020 and our December Ascension Symptoms Update we discuss the uptick in ascension symptoms and Winter Solstice Ascension portal. There has been an uptick in ascension symptoms over the past month since the November Mourning Full Moon. This has been a very physical purge, so you may be experiencing ascension flu or other physical purging.

Besides energetic blockages inflammation and toxicity within the body are the biggest drivers of ascension symptoms. Inflammation is a byproduct of the more light filled body attacking toxins within the body. As we become more conscious we raise our physical vibration. As our physical vibration increases we often start having allergic reactions to things that use to not be a problem. Moving towards a plant based diet of organic foods and eliminating gluten will help reduce toxicity in the body, and therefore inflammation and ascension symptoms.

We’ve been using the caterpillar and cocoon metaphor all year to describe the ascension energies. We have gone into the cocoon, dissolved, reformed, and are now trying to break free. Are you strong enough to break out and fly free?