Whether you like it or not you are creating your reality. Are you a chaos magician or deliberate creator? Chaos magicians manifest unconsciously from their subconscious injury. Deliberate creators manifest the life they prefer.

This article will show you the four steps for going from a chaos magician to a deliberate creator of your reality. Since many people are at home right now with less structure to their days, it is a good opportunity to practice existing in a state of neutrality and riding the quantum wave, which is the key to deliberate manifestation.

At the quantum level matter exists both as a particle and wave, and exists along this spectrum on an as needed basis. Similarly, as fields of consciousness we exist on a spectrum of individualized particles of consciousness identified with an ego to waves or fields of witnessing awareness.

When identified with the ego we are contracted with definite properties. When we are identified with the egoless field of witnessing awareness we become expansive and identified with infinite possibilities.

It is within the field of witnessing awareness that miracles occur, and the highest good may manifest. But to get there we must learn to ride to quantum wave and exist in a state of neutrality.

This step sometimes gets overlooked in Law of Attraction circles, because people get fixated on manifesting specific outcomes. Which puts them in a particalized state of consciousness that is cut off from divine flow and so they get stuck in a state of longing for the specific outcome, which is actually a state of lack. So instead of manifesting the desired outcome you manifest stagnation and longing.

Practice Neutrality

Instead of trying to manifest a specific outcome, you really need to practice existing in a state of neutrality. Which will identify your consciousness with the quantum wave, which is the field of infinite possibilities and the mind of god. It is from this state of neutrality and oneness with the mind of god that true manifestation occurs. We achieve neutrality by practicing it daily through meditation and cultivating equanimity/nonattachment to outcome and living in a state of gratitude and faith that the universe is conspiring in our favor for our highest good.

Identify Your Ideal State of Being

While you are working on living more and more in this state of neutrality, examine the specific outcomes you are wanting to manifest in your life. Recognize that it is not the specific outcome you are desiring, but the state of being you think the specific outcome will bring about in yourself. Identify what that state of being is that you are wanting more of…is it connection, abundance, intimacy, joy, peace, freedom? What is it? All desire arises out of a perception of lack.

Practice Your Ideal State of Being

Once you identify the perception of lack or state of being you are wanting more of, start manifesting it within yourself while in that state of neutrality/witnessing awareness/super consciousness. Practice manifesting a feeling of connection to others, abundance, intimacy, joy, peace and freedom.

When you manifest these states of being while in the wave state of consciousness you begin attracting and particalizing circumstances in your life that match that state of being. Deliberate manifestation occurs first at the level of our state of being, which acts as a magnet that attracts circumstances that match our frequency.

Take Inspired Action

Finally, take inspired action in the present moment while in the state of being you want your physical circumstances to match, without attachment to outcome. Notice that inspired physical action is the final step of deliberate manifestation. Also note that physical action is still required and that the physical action should be INSPIRED.

Twenty five percent of physical manifestation is inspired physical action, seventy-five percent is vibration and actualizing your ideal state of being from a state of neutrality before any action is taken.

Inspired action requires listening deeply to what wants to be from a state of neutrality and allowing yourself to move in that direction. This is where we literally start riding the quantum wave as a co-creator of our reality.

What wants to be? What is in flow? What is supported by the universe?

Learn to operate from a place of divine flow and cooperation with the universe, allowing things to flow in and out of your life as you move towards greater physical alignment with your evolving state of being.