When it comes to channels and mediums discernment is needed. The internet is full of people who claim to be engaged in clairaudient communication with invisible beings. Through their communication with those beings they predict the future and give insight and guidance on everything from world affairs to peoples’ love lives.

While this is often depicted as a new age phenomena or the particular gift of very sensitive and psychic people, it is actually a phenomena as old as humanity itself and a skill that can be developed by anyone who is dedicated to its cultivation. The scriptures of most of the world religions are channeled works. The Vedas are said to have been “heard” by the Rishis, the Christian Bible is said to have been “divinely inspired,” the Koran was orally revealed to Muhammad.

These mystics were engaged in clairaudient communication with God and spirits. That is why there are so many commonalities in the world religions. The founders of these religions were tapping into the same wellsprings of knowledge.

I first encountered channeled material in its modern new age incarnation in the form of the Law of One material. I found it soon after my spiritual awakening in 2012 and consumed the multivolume work over the course of a few weeks. The work is the byproduct of an channeler who was in trance, a questioner who asked the questions, and a scribe who wrote it all down.

The material was unlike anything else I had ever encountered. The complexity, clarity, and consistency of the material seemed to defy the ability of a human author. The channel for the material supposedly entered into a trance state and allowed an entity by the name of Ra to inhabit her body and speak through her. Ra claimed to be the social memory complex of a civilization that originated on Venus. Over the course of 106 sessions done over several years in the early 1980s Ra answered questions ranging from the origin of the pyramids to the metaphysical and epistemological laws of the universe.

When I stumbled upon the work through a series of google searches I thought it must be an elaborate hoax, and read the material as fiction. However, the more I read the more difficult that became. Over the years I’ve found the material is very consistent with the common thread of truth that runs throughout the major world religions, most fully aligning with the Hindu Vedas.

Its teachings might be summed up as all is one, god is love, and the nature of reality is intelligent energy that is in an evolutionary process of going from the perception of separation back to unity with the One Infinite Creator. That evolutionary process is governed by the law of karma and facilitated by the process of reincarnation.

The group that channeled the Law of One material has being channeling messages of inspiration and instruction for over 50 years, and just so happens to be located 45 minutes from my house. They are a non-profit organization by the name of L/L Research and have refined the channeling process to a science. I have participated in a number of their channeling sessions and retreats over the years and have learned a lot about the best practices and hazards of channeled messages.

Generally speaking there are two types of channeled messages, ones that are channeled through trance and those that are channeled through the conscious mind. Those that are channeled through trance like the Law of One have the fewest conscious filters of the channel and tend to be the most accurate and least distorted expression of what wants to come through. Conscious channeling, which is most of what is on the internet, is filtered through the conscious mind and therefore has many impressions of the channel mixed in with the channeled message.

It is also important to remember that it is a crowded universe full of entities who are interested in talking to us. Those entities range from denizens of the astral plane, celestial beings, extraterrestrials, and negatively oriented beings. The channel must exercise a great deal of caution and discernment about who and what they connect to and channel.

Therefore, it is important that the channel challenge the entity to be channeled before connecting in the name of that which they hold to be most high and good. The effectiveness of the challenge is only as good as the conviction of the challenger. Many negatively oriented entities will seek to distort channeled messages to sow fear and confusion. I’ve seen many public channelers and mediums take a dark turn over the years because they have unknowingly been influenced by negative entities.

Channeling is most effective when done in a group of at least three people who possess group harmony and are capable of entering meditative states to support the channeling. This helps the channeled message take on more universal and less individual quality. Moreover, there is a blending of the group energies which fuels the channeling and empowers the channel. Becoming a clear channel takes a lot of practice and spiritual discipline.

Use your discernment when consuming channeled material. Do not give your power away to unseen forces. Messages that encourage fear and sow confusion tend to be negatively influenced. No channeler or medium is a replacement for your own discrimination.

Finally, channeling is not limited to channelers. It is actually a very natural process of attunement to vibration and energy. Many artists and writers will attest that their best works just flow through them. They aren’t creations of the analytical mind. They are inspired.

Most of what I do on this channel is inspired communication. I never know what I’m going to say or what I’m going to do a video about until I do it. The topic comes to me and takes on a life of its own. I sit down at my computer, pray for clarity and that my words ring true and serve others, and start typing. I type until what wants to be said is said.

As you advance on your spiritual path you will find you act less and less from personal will, and simply live in flow with what wants to be. I do very little planning, but I do a lot of listening. What wants to be born in the present moment? What is supported? How can the highest good be served through me? Each day I wake up and pray that my mind become one with the mind of god, that my will become one with the will of god so that I may be obedient to truth, and that my heart become one with the heart of god so that I may love as god loves. In this sense I seek to live a channeled life that serves the highest good, and so can you.