Feeling the Pressure: Discomfort and Spiritual Growth

A lot of us are feeling the pressure of this eclipse season, but discomfort and spiritual growth go hand in hand. I’ve been dancing with discomfort and spiritual growth for the past ten years. Discomfort has become an old friend.

Words Are Spells

In this video we discuss how Words Are Spells so we should strive to cultivate loving awareness. Our thoughts and words are very powerful. They define us and our reality. Every word corresponds energetically to archetypes and possibility/probability vortexes for your future. Moment to moment we are speaking our reality into existence and attuning to different qualities of consciousness. Be judicious with your language. Be a deliberate creator and cast a spell to become the person you want to be with the future you want to live. Don’t be a chaos magician and curse yourself or others with your thoughts and words.

Empaths Coping with Overstimulation

In this video we discuss Empaths Coping with Overstimulation. Many empaths are experiencing overstimulation at the moment. We have been in a very energetically intense period, and many of us need to catch our breath. In this video we discuss techniques and tools for coping with overstimulation, which include forest bathing, technology fasts, and sensory deprivation modalities.

How to Read Tarot or Oracle Cards

In this video we discuss how to read tarot or oracle cards. Tarot card reading is a form of divination with a long and storied past. Once belonging to carnival side shows it has reemerged in recent years as a useful tool for those on the spiritual path. However, as with all forms of divination it is not without its perils.

Extraterrestrial Disclosure is Happening

Slowly but surely extraterrestrial disclosure is happening. The mainstream media is starting to take it seriously, and governments are starting to admit unidentified aerial phenomena exist (i.e. UAPs and/or UFOs). In December 2020, the United States government enacted the Intelligence Authorization Act, which called for the release of an unclassified and all-sources report on unidentified aerial phenomenon. The Pentagon and intelligence agencies are suppose to have until June 1, 2020 to disclose what they know, but are already saying they need more time.

Seven Densities of Consciousness According to the Law of One

In this video we discuss the Seven Densities of Consciousness according to the Law of One. In the Law of One material they posit that this octave of the creation has seven densities of consciousness that we evolve through. In this context density refers to the density of light/love or consciousness of a being or plane of existence. All individuated consciousness moves from first through seventh density in a cosmically long process of reincarnation and spiritual evolution. This process is sometimes called the science of reincarnation.

Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life After Spiritual Awakening

In this video we discuss finding purpose and meaning in life after spiritual awakening. One of the most common issues raised in individual coaching sessions is, “What is my life purpose?” While the expression of each of our life purposes is as varied as we are, some things are universal. Like the desire to be useful to others doing things we enjoy that have a positive impact on the world.

How to Transcend the Ego through Kriya Yoga

In this video we discuss how to transcend the ego through Kriya Yoga. The ego is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects in spirituality. Many of us find ourselves in the paradox of believing we need an ego to survive in the world, but at the same time recognize we need to destroy the ego in order to progress spiritually. This belief around ego puts spirituality and the world at odds, causing many to believe they must retreat from the world in order to be spiritual. Worse perhaps, those who cannot easily withdraw from the world may think they cannot pursue spirituality because they need their ego to survive and carry out their duties. So spirituality becomes something they will pursue “someday” when they have the time and leisure to do so.

The Key to Exponential Growth and Transformation

In this video we discuss the key to exponential growth and transformation. No matter where we are on the transformation journey it never feels like we are growing fast enough. We do the work and everything right, and still things we thought were resolved come back once more wearing a different disguise. It can be disheartening and exhausting when that happens, but it is part of the process. The important thing is to KEEP GOING!

My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul

In this video we discuss My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul. My dark night of the soul began when I as about ten years old. I was anxious, depressed and felt deeply alienated. I often found it difficult to find purpose in life. As I grew older I even grew to hate humanity and being in a human body. That anger and despair continued for fifteen years.