The Simplicity of Being

In this episode I will be discussing the simplicity of being and subtracting everything that is not true. Many people think of the spiritual path as being about acquiring something outside of themselves. For many people spirituality becomes an unending quest for knowledge, techniques, plant medicines, or teachers. Many of us are in a perpetualContinue reading “The Simplicity of Being”

How to Pray Like a Yogi

In this post we discuss how to pray like a yogi in the kriya yoga tradition. Prayer is another one of those concepts and practices that is often considered old fashioned, but which is vitally important on the spiritual path. Dogmatic religions often implore us to pray, and may even encourage us to use specificContinue reading “How to Pray Like a Yogi”

Patience While Awaiting the New

We must have patience while awaiting the new. The old world is in a state of dissolution. Many of us spent years and decades waiting for this to come to pass with either expectation or dread. At times it felt like it never would. Often it felt like our wait was in vain.

A Christmas Message 2020

The second coming of Christ Consciousness is upon us, and it is being born through our own awakening hearts. The Christmas star shines in the night sky, and we await the returning of the sun. The sun and Christ have been synonymous since early Christianity, and Jesus is often portrayed as a solar deity.

Playing in the Astral Planes

As we spiritually awaken many people begin playing in the astral plane. Anyone can access the astral plane. We all access the astral plane when we are dreaming. The astral plane is the time/space counterpart to third density. Many new age sources say we are going from the third dimension into the fifth dimension and are bypassing the fourth dimension. They say that is because the fourth dimension is collapsing.

How I Became an Energy Healer

In this video I discuss my journey of becoming an energy healer. This is the first time I’ve felt called to publicly talk about my journey of becoming an energy healer. In this video I discuss the first time I realized I could open a two way channel between myself and others to transmute energyContinue reading “How I Became an Energy Healer”

The Universe is Testing Us

The universe is testing us. The energy of sabotage is very strong at the moment. When we are on the verge of radical change we often hit a wall of resistance. As we approach a phase shift from one vibration to anther there is friction in the in-between space. The universe is asking us, “AreContinue reading “The Universe is Testing Us”

Open Source Spirituality

In this video we will be discussing open-source spirituality. It has become increasingly popular for people to identify as “spiritual but not religious.” I myself have studied and practiced many of the world’s spiritual traditions and have benefited greatly from their wisdom. However, I’ve never been able to choose just one or close myself off to truth from different sources.

The Limits of Reason: Be Mindful of Your Motivations

In this video we will discuss the limits of reason and why it is necessary to be mindful of your motivations. When making decision we rarely have enough information to be fully informed. The future is often uncertain and all the consequences of any given action are usually unknown. We can spend countless hours on the internet researching the ins and outs of even the most minuscule decision in an effort to make the optimal decision. This information overload can cause many people to experience decision paralysis and anxiety.