How to Transcend the Ego through Kriya Yoga

In this video we discuss how to transcend the ego through Kriya Yoga. The ego is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects in spirituality. Many of us find ourselves in the paradox of believing we need an ego to survive in the world, but at the same time recognize we need to destroy the ego in order to progress spiritually. This belief around ego puts spirituality and the world at odds, causing many to believe they must retreat from the world in order to be spiritual. Worse perhaps, those who cannot easily withdraw from the world may think they cannot pursue spirituality because they need their ego to survive and carry out their duties. So spirituality becomes something they will pursue “someday” when they have the time and leisure to do so.

The Key to Exponential Growth and Transformation

In this video we discuss the key to exponential growth and transformation. No matter where we are on the transformation journey it never feels like we are growing fast enough. We do the work and everything right, and still things we thought were resolved come back once more wearing a different disguise. It can be disheartening and exhausting when that happens, but it is part of the process. The important thing is to KEEP GOING!

My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul

In this video we discuss My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul. My dark night of the soul began when I as about ten years old. I was anxious, depressed and felt deeply alienated. I often found it difficult to find purpose in life. As I grew older I even grew to hate humanity and being in a human body. That anger and despair continued for fifteen years.

Transformation vs. Change

When we are feeling stuck we can sometimes mistake our soul’s desire for transformation for our ego’s desire for novelty. All transformation involves change, but not all change includes transformation. The ego is novelty seeking. It craves change for the sake of change. The soul is transformation seeking. It craves evolution and growth for the sake of evolution and growth.

When Is a Relationship Over?

When is a relationship over? This question often looms on our minds during times of relationship crisis. Sometimes we work through the crisis with our partner and are better off because of it, other times the crises never really ends and we continue agonizing over the question long after the natural end of the relationship. So what is the difference between relationship crisis as growth opportunity and relationship crisis as the beginning of the end?

Twelve Chakras Explained

In this Twelve Chakras Explained video we discuss the anatomy of the ascended energy body and do ascended energy body activations. The ascended light body includes not only the seven traditional chakras, but additional energy centers that make up the 12 chakras of the ascended light body. This Twelve Chakras Activation activates and explains howContinue reading “Twelve Chakras Explained”

Gunas and Alchemizing Desire

In this video we discuss the Gunas and Alchemizing Desire. In the yoga tradition everything is said to be comprised of a combination of three qualities or Gunas, which include Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. Tamasic qualities are those that are dark, dull, lethargic, unconscious and full of inertia. Whereas Rajasic qualities are all about passion,Continue reading “Gunas and Alchemizing Desire”

How to Command the Light

In this video we discuss how to command the light through use of the great “I AM” presence. When we pray we beseech god as mother, father or lord. When we pray we are supplicants seeking a favor from the divine, and therefore are separate from it. To pray is an act of devotion thatContinue reading “How to Command the Light”

Discipline of Personality According to the Law of One: Discipline vs. Control

In this post we discuss the Discipline of Personality according to the Law of One material, and the distinction between discipline vs. control. There are many techniques one may practice on the spiritual path, however, in the Law of One the central technique for facilitating spiritual evolution is said to be the Discipline of Personality.

Conspirituality: First Principles Thinking

In this video we discuss the phenomena of conspirituality and the necessity of first principles thinking. Conspirituality is an invented term that refers to the confluence of spirituality and conspiracy theories. We live in interesting times when the official narrative is often as absurd if not more than the zaniest conspiracy theories.