June Full Moon Energy Update 2021: Whimper or Roar

In this June Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June full moon. We had a big energetic shift with the summer solstice and it is now time to either whimper or roar. Summer solstice was like the moment at the time of the big bang, when things shifted from pure potential to manifest reality. The timelines have been empowered, and its time to ride the waves of destiny.

Summer Solstice 2021: The Journey Is the Goal

In this Summer Solstice 2021 energy update we discuss the energetic themes for the summer. The summer solstice will be June 20th in the northern hemisphere, and the longest day of the year. Solar energy is at its strongest during this period, which often means a period of intense action and change.

Spiritual Confidence

In this video we discuss spiritual confidence and overcoming negative self talk and becoming confident. Confidence is key to being effective in the world. But many of us are crippled by negative self talk. When we get distance between the voice in our head and witnessing awareness we get enough space to change the way we think. When we change the narrative we change our self image, and can become more confident.

Rich Lewis Interview: Centering Prayer and Returning to the Well of Faith

In this Rich Lewis interview we discuss centering prayer and returning to the well of faith. Centering prayer is a Christian contemplative practice and form of meditation, where you sit in silence and make yourself available to receive god’s presence. If the mind wanders you can use a holy word or focus on the breath. But the goal of centering prayer is to simply sit in the silence and allow yourself to be transformed by god’s presence acting through you.

Guided Chakra Meditation and Breathwork

This Guided Chakra Meditation and Breathwork is from my Patreon community’s March New Moon Meditation. This guided meditation includes a chakra activations and a kundalini energy activation, and concludes with five minutes of silent meditation. My Patreon community does two live guided meditations and Q&As each month. Zachary Adama Patreon: https://patreon.com/zacharyadama #chakra #guidedmeditation #breathwork

Embodied Spirituality: Mastering the Lower Triad

In this video we discuss embodied spirituality and the importance of mastering the lower triad of energy centers as a necessary foundation for the spiritual path. Mastery of the lower three chakras is all about mastering being in a human body. Many spiritual traditions focus on the mind and mistrust the body. However, the mind is easily misled and we frequently deceive ourselves. Therefore, we should strive for embodied spirituality which is experientially validated and tested through the body.

How Do Spiritual People Deal with Critics?

In this video we discuss how to deal with criticism on the spiritual path. Critics come in two forms, those outside of us and those inside of us. Those outside of us only have as much power over us as our inner critic gives them. Outer critics only really impact us when they say something that rings true with the inner critic

Guided Meditation for Light Body Activation

In this guided meditation for light body activation we travel to the Temple of Ascension. After a brief body scan we project our awareness to the Temple of Ascension a white granite four sided pyramid with a white flame running through the center. As we enter the halls of ascension we see ascended beings fromContinue reading “Guided Meditation for Light Body Activation”

September Navigating Dimensions | Ascension Energy Update | Time Dilation

In this September ascension energies update we discuss navigating dimensions. September is a month that in subjective time is going to feel like a year, so each day may feel like twelve. This compression of objective time and dilation of subjeective time can feel like hell or experienced as a profound opportunity for growth andContinue reading “September Navigating Dimensions | Ascension Energy Update | Time Dilation”