March Ascension Energy 2021: Playing with Fire

In this March Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “playing with the fire of desire” which is a metaphor for navigating the ascended sacral chakra and discovering the fountain of eternal youth. The energy of this month is all about expanding and healing the sacral chakra, which is one of the most misunderstood and distorted energies in our bodies.

February Full Moon 2021: Ascension Uplevel

In this February Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the February full moon. Many will be experiencing a spiritual peak or ascension uplevel around this February full moon. As we’ve discussed before the spiritual path is peaks and valleys, but as long as we keep walking and doing the work the peaks keep getting higher and the valleys more shallow. The journey itself never really ends.

February New Moon 2021

In this February New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the February new moon. Around this new moon many of us are being confronted with the limitations of our prior conditioning for continued growth. The masks that once served us and enabled us to navigate the world no longer seem to work. They don’t get the results they once did, and when they do work our success seems to turn into ash in our hands.

February Ascension Energy Update 2021: Riding the Serpent of Time

In this February Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms Update 2021 we discuss the February ascension energy which can best be described as “riding the serpent of time.” Serpents do not slither in a straight line. They undulate in unpredictable patterns. In February we are on the back of the snake being carried towards the unknowable.

January Full Moon Message 2021: Future Under Construction

In this January full moon message 2021 we look at the energy for the January 28th full moon. Full moons are a time for emotional and energetic purging, and for cycles to reach completion. This full moon holds a profound sense of sorrow for many. However, through great sorrow there is opportunity for great transformation. Because it is often the sorrow that drives us to transform.

January Ascension Energy 2021: Virtue is the Cure

In this January Ascension Energy Update 2021 we discuss the massive solar plexus purging taking place this month. For the last several weeks I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of energy running through the solar plexus. This will be causing an uptick in ascension symptoms for many relating to the stomach and digestion. You may also notice you are more easily triggered than usual.

January New Moon Message 2021: Finding the Inner Master

In this January New Moon Message 2021 we discuss the themes for the January 13th new moon. The themes for the January New Moon are that (i) the collective is at a tipping point, (ii) the awakened must find the master within, (iii) which is witnessing awareness, (iv) or become a slave to the mind, (v) in order to navigate accelerating change with grace.

Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020

In this Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020 I discuss my experience of the December 21st ascension energy from the Winter Solstice and an give an update on my own ascension symptoms. The Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction was an opportunity for massive expansion and up leveling. The light codes downloaded during the solsticeContinue reading “Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020”

A Christmas Message 2020

The second coming of Christ Consciousness is upon us, and it is being born through our own awakening hearts. The Christmas star shines in the night sky, and we await the returning of the sun. The sun and Christ have been synonymous since early Christianity, and Jesus is often portrayed as a solar deity.

Winter Solstice 2020

What is happening on December 21st, 2020? Many people are saying this is the shift that was promised in 2012. I’ve seen many people in recent weeks and months claiming that on December 21st humanity will shift into the next dimension and that the Age of Aquarius is finally upon us.