Embodying Radical Sovereignty: Victim No More

A key component of the spiritual path is embodying radical sovereignty and being a victim no more. The small egoic self is a victim seeking security. The small self that is identified with its five senses lives in a chaotic and seemingly arbitrary world. It is a victim looking for a perpetrator.

Releasing Judgment When Everything is Horrible

Releasing judgment when everything is horrible is challenging, but imperative. When we look at the world with our analytical mind things can feel hopeless. The pandemic is a persistent problem with no end in sight. The economy is a wreck, and the existential threat of climate change becomes ever more difficult to ignore.

Defending Boundaries with Love and Truth

Ram Dass’s guru Neem Karoli Baba’s guidance to him was to love people and tell the truth. When it comes to maintaining healthy boundaries and our personal sovereignty I can think of no better advice.

Anchoring Multidimensional Bodies | Light Body Anchoring

The September ascension energy is offering us a profound opportunity for anchoring multidimensional bodies. As the ascension process on this planet continues to unfold, we are called to make our hearts the new foundation for our lived experience. The awakening and anchoring of the ascended heart is the activation of the fourth density light body, which opens the doors to our full multidimensional selves.

September Navigating Dimensions | Ascension Energy Update | Time Dilation

In this September ascension energies update we discuss navigating dimensions. September is a month that in subjective time is going to feel like a year, so each day may feel like twelve. This compression of objective time and dilation of subjeective time can feel like hell or experienced as a profound opportunity for growth andContinue reading “September Navigating Dimensions | Ascension Energy Update | Time Dilation”

Law of One: The Choice | The Harvest | Polarization of Consciousness

In the Law of One they teach that third density is all about The Choice. Third density is the reality we are experiencing right now. It is the density/dimension of the lessons of the solar plexus moving toward the lessons of the heart. As third density beings in heavy/chemical third dimensional bodies our five senses tell us we are separate self-aware beings.

September Full Moon Message: Karmic Reckoning

In this September full moon energy update and message we discuss the dimensional gateway opening for the September karmic reckoning. Karma is not a bad thing, it is just cause and effect. The universe mirrors your vibration, and there is individual, group, societal, and collective karma. Karma is just the balancing of energies and should not be thought of as a bad thing. Even difficult karma serves a divine purpose and brings us closer to the realization of our true self.


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