In this video we discuss Becoming Mythic! and the process of Remaking the Self.

The ego gets a bad rap, because most people have an unhealed ego and operate in the world from their injury. However, the ego is simply our 3D vessel for interacting with the world.

When we realize EVERYONE is merely a temporal expression of their higher self you begin to see everyone as divinity wearing a mask. Which also allows us to start holding our own ego identity more lightly.

When we realize the ego is a useful tool but a terrible master, we can start being creative about how we use it.

This is what is meant by the saying, “The mystic makes the self.”

When we become detached from the ego we can remake the self to serve the needs of any moment.

Sometimes the story of the old self becomes so strong that we need a new name or to move cities to recreate the self and express a different aspect of our being. These “permission slips” can help us birth a new mythic version of ourselves that is a more authentic and fuller expression of the totality of our being.