November 2020 Energy Update

In this video we will be doing our November Energy Forecast 2020. Major themes for November include civil unrest and division in the collective, the need to find inner strength and stillness amidst chaos, overcoming addiction to negativity, transformation of darkness into light, and love free from fear.

October Full Moon Energy Update

In this October Full Moon Energy Update we discuss the energy of the second full moon of October which will be occurring on October 31st. This will be the most important full moon of the year and is strongly linked to change and disruption in our physical reality. The overall guidance is to let go of that which no longer serves you, and trust that a bounty of that which is preferred awaits you when you do.

Defense Against Negative Greetings

In this video we discuss defense against negative greetings. What are negative greetings? What is a psychic attack? How do you defend against a negative greeting or psychic attack? Third density is the density of choice. It is here that we choose either to be of service to others or service to self. All subsequent densities or dimensions are a refinement of the choice we make in third density.

How to Heal Your Lineage

In this video we will discuss how to heal your lineage. As we have often said everyone has both individual and collective karma. Part of that collective karma is the karma we inherit from our lineage or family. The higher self, which is the totality of all of our experiences of every lifetime, chooses the conditions of our birth. On some level we choose our parents and family.

Four Aims of Life: Tantric Path to Liberation

In this video we discuss the four aims of life and the tantric path of liberation. What is the purpose of life? How should we spend our time and energy? In Hinduism it is said that there are four aims of life which are to be righteous, joyous, accumulate wealth, and to achieve liberation. The ultimate goal of life is liberation from ego, karma, and maya and the realization of self as being one with god.

Mindful Use of Social Media, News, and Technology

As we purify our consciousness the mindful use of social media, news, and technology becomes increasingly important. That is because in a sense you are what you watch. You are tuning into the frequency of consciousness of whatever media or social media you consume, which causes you to resonate at the frequency of whatever you consume most. So be discerning about what you consume. A good rule of thumb is to not watch that which you would not want to be.

How to Be Mindful at All Times

In this video we will discuss how to be mindful at all times. We are frequently implored to be mindful, which is generally interpreted as being more aware and intentional. However, this interpretation of mindfulness requires a constant state of mental tension that is hard to maintain and actually contradicts the deeper meaning of what it means to be mindful.

How Do Spiritual People Deal with Critics?

In this video we discuss how to deal with criticism on the spiritual path. Critics come in two forms, those outside of us and those inside of us. Those outside of us only have as much power over us as our inner critic gives them. Outer critics only really impact us when they say something that rings true with the inner critic

October Ascension Energy Update 2020: Crisis Strikes

In this October ascension energy update we look at the ascension energies for October 2020. The ascension energies for October are all about the root chakra and throat chakra clearing. Distortions and blockages in the root chakra are being activated and manifested into physical reality at an accelerated rate in the form of crisis.