There will be a New Moon in Leo on August 18th which is driving us inward to examine our self perceptions and dreams. Since the end of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 13th we have been in the integration phase of the Lion’s Gate energies. We have been like caterpillars fighting our way out of the chrysalis of the old heavy energy of our former selves.

Many will have experienced a lot of headaches and migraines over the past few days as the third eye and medulla have been clearing and upgrading. You may have been feeling heavy the last few days. Weighed down my heavy energy that no longer seems to fit.

In order to help facilitate the shedding of the old heavy energy get out into nature and take a brisk walk. Strenuous exercise and fresh air will help flush out the old heavy energy and infuse your body with fresh prana. The new version of you is about to be born.

The new moon is bringing in an almost manic energy. The new self is being born and it is dreaming of the life you have always wanted. Your current life was built by your old self, based on your old values and energy. The new upgraded self is in resistance to that life and may feel like walking away from the accomplishments and concerns of the old self.

The new upgraded version of ourselves is moving toward visions that have until now only been dreamed. Beautiful vivid dreams of more beautiful lives and relationships that feel just on the cusp of becoming reality. Yet they pop in and out of our lives like a mirage.

One moment that more beautiful world seems ready to manifest, then the next it is gone. A person, a project, a dream…on the cusp of physical manifestation. But not yet ready to be born.

Allow yourself to dream the more beautiful dream throughout this new moon. Allow yourself to look inward and get in touch with the artistic, introspective, and intuitive aspect of yourself. All creation begins on the inner landscape. It begins with imagination. It begins with beautiful dreams that we eventually start getting glimpses of in our physical reality.

Don’t feel hopeless and depressed if that beautiful dream isn’t quite ready to physically manifest yet. It is getting closer. It is beginning to ground into physical reality. The final leg of the journey will require fire and magic to bring your dreams into your reality.

Deliberate manifestation requires balance. We must be free to dream the beautiful dream. First we have to allow ourselves to roam the inner landscape and create that which we prefer in our inner imagination. This creates longing which magnetizes desire and attracts the conditions necessary to manifest our desires into our reality.

This is the gestation phase of deliberate manifestation. This is where our desires grow and take shape. Don’t be afraid to believe in magic. Allow yourself to experience wonder. When was the last time you really allowed yourself to believe anything is possible?

We feel heavy stuck and trapped when we allow ourselves to take reality too seriously. Wonder and magic transform the heavy stuck and trapped energy into possibilities. In the place of possibilities and excitement we focus on the dream we prefer, then with fiery determination we begin willing it into reality.

We begin by cultivating the state of mind that our desire is already fulfilled, and practice feeling its fulfillment. Then from that place of fulfilment we watch for the glimmers of our dreams to start manifesting in our lives. Chance encounters, synchronicities, and good luck start bringing the building blocks of our more beautiful life into our physical reality.

When those building blocks arrive seize the opportunities and start putting them to use. Neglect them or ignore them and they will return back to the ether. It is the strength and fire of our determination that pulls the beautiful dreams from our inner landscape and brings them into our physical reality.

Some people are better at dreaming, others are better and doing. But it takes both. Balance is needed. Dream the beautiful dream. Allow your imagination to run wild. Allow your desires to coalesce and solidify. Magnetize the desire, then cultivate the attitude that the desire has been fulfilled. Then watch for signs of its manifestation to appear. When the building blocks begin to arrive, take decisive action to put them to use in service to the manifestation of your dreams.