In this August New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the August 8th new moon and Lion’s Gate portal as we ascend to the next highest version of ourselves. Many will have noticed the Schumann resonance has been spiking in recent days, which is often associated with new light codes hitting the Earth and integrating into our energy field. This often leaves us feeling physically tired, as our body integrates the new “software.” Give yourself the space to receive these upgrades as they come in and you integrate them. 

As the new energy comes in you may notice the old energy from the last year or decade is starting to feel very uncomfortable. The contrast between the old and new energy entering into the subtle body creates sharp contrast, and you may feel like a snake needing to shed its skin. 

The energy of this new moon and Lion’s gate portal represents limitless possibilities. Life can truly be more beautiful, free, and full of joy than you can imagine. In fact your imagination and limiting belief are your biggest limitation. 

As we often discuss the truth of who and what you are is the infinite presence of god experiencing being finite. It is only our limited perspective and conditioned thinking that constricts our reality and cuts us off from our infinite nature. The spiritual path is one of freedom and liberation from limitations, as we journey through limitation back to our infinite god presence. 

During this new moon and Lion’s Gate portal each of us is being given an opportunity to expand as much as we are willing and able to. The great liberator from limitation is as ever our alignment with the truth of who and what we are. As we align inwardly with our god presence, and allow that light to ignite within us and shine forth into our physical reality, all that we witness becomes transformed. 

The path of obedience to truth can be lonely. We often have to be willing to go it alone. The small self and its personality is a byproduct of our social conditioning and other people’s stories about who we are. All these things create an invisible web that binds us to the past. 

In order to walk a path of authenticity we have to be willing to live our truth, especially when it is uncomfortable. We have to be willing to dissolve delusions about who we are, what we want, and where we are going. 

If you are feeling stuck right now, examine the bars of the cage. They consist of the stories of what you have told yourself is possible. What are the limiting beliefs you are no longer in agreement with? You have a right to reject all agreements made in fear and separation that are no longer in alignment with your awakened sense of truth.

As we move through this Lion’s Gate portal, we are being given an opportunity to move to the timeline of the next highest version of ourselves. As we align ever more powerfully with our god presence, our baseline vibration increases and our physical reality shifts to align with it. 

Some will seek to hold you in the vibration of who you were or who they perceived you to be. If that happens simply continue holding the space of the new highest version of yourself with strength and love. As you expand those around you will expand at their own pace. Give them time, but remain true to who you are.