In this August Full Moon 2021 Energy Update we discuss the energetic themes for the August 22nd full moon in Aquarius. The major theme for this full moon is that the “wheel of fortune” we’ve been spinning for the last month is about to land on the timeline that represents the next highest version of ourselves. This full moon marks the end of the Lion’s Gate corridor of energy bookended by the July and August full moons in Aquarius. 

During the Lion’s Gate portal we received a lot of new “light codes” that have given us an opportunity to uplevel our consciousness. For the last several weeks those light codes have been integrating throughout our gross and subtle bodies. 

As the Lion’s Gate energy is integrating you may find a noticeable difference between the activity of the small self/personality and your soul awareness. The change happens at the soul level first, then situations arise to give us an opportunity to “correct” the activity of the small self to bring it into greater alignment with our soul awareness. 

This can feel a bit like you are being tested by the universe to see whether you have learned the lessons from the old curriculum. During plant medicine ceremonies the spirit of the plant we usually inspect the energy body to determine what lessons are needed for the journey. I’ve noticed a similar phenomena in the last several weeks, as the universe has been “inspecting” our various energy centers to see what lessons are appropriate for the next ten year cycle. 

As the Lion’s Gate energy works its way through the subtle body into the gross body you may find yourself wanting to engage in physical cleaning and purging. If you are feeling that impulse, lean into it. Your soul knows best, and is inviting you to increase your physical vibration to match your increased soul awareness. 

A big part of my journey over the last few weeks has been letting go of fear, judgment, and shame in the sacral chakra and practicing impeccability in word and integrity at the throat chakra. 

Having grown up in the Appalachian mountains in a family of coal miners I had the idea imprinted on me at an early age that life is hard and joyless. You work hard, you support your family, then you die. Joy and pleasure are luxuries you cannot afford, and are not to be trusted. 

I’ve done a lot of work overcoming this programming and connecting with my joy. But I’m still not embodying on a daily basis that robust love of life I know is possible. A lot of my work right now is continuing to say no to things that don’t spark my joy and excitement, and leaning into that which does. 

As a lawyer I was trained to manipulate the truth with reason to serve my agenda. That encouraged a sloppiness around truth that has had to be unlearned. Many of my lessons over the past few weeks have been around the importance of being impeccable with the truth, and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even when it is to your detriment and nobody is watching.  

Each of us will have been tested in our own ways over the past month. But we are all on the river of destiny which is pulling us towards the next highest version of ourselves. Our job is to keep paddling down the stream, listening to our inner guidance, and doing our best to avoid the rocks.