In this August Full Moon energy update we look at the energy and themes at play around the August 3rd full moon. August is the threshold of another dimensional gateway. In our June energy update entitled “The New Normal” I suggested we were going to be in for a “September surprise.” That still seems to be the case, and August is all about setting the stage for what September holds.

August has an air of mystery and secrecy about it. We will be shown half the picture in August around this full moon. The remaining facts will be revealed in September. The pieces on the gameboard have been set in the preceding months. Since March we have been boarding different trains that you might think of as different timelines. August is the last call – all aboard! The trains are about to leave the station…but not yet.

It is very hard to switch trains at this point. Most of the doors have closed. But some may yet remain open. Many of us are stagnated in situations and life circumstances that we know are wrong for us. We know it is out of alignment with our soul. When we think about our future we are filled with dread. Nothing good remains where we are standing. But energies of stagnation and inertia are holding us tightly in place.

The energy of disruption is continuing to create opportunities to get unstuck – to choose a different train. Those who choose alignment with their soul will be stepping into the unknown. But you will be met with your soul family.

The Lion’s Gate portal is supporting the energies of the balanced divine masculine and feminine. For some this will mean coming into union with their divine counterpart, twin flame or soulmate. When we come into union with our divine counterpart, we also come into union with ourselves. Our divine counterpart awakens our own divine masculine or feminine energy which brings us into perfect balance within ourselves and with one another.

In addition to bringing one another into perfect balance the divine union awakens the creative genius of the sacral chakra in both entities. The divine union is like two atoms fusing together. That fusion process generates a tremendous amount of creative energy that allows the pair to become greater than the parts. Twin flames are tasked with a special mission to help birth New Earth with the creative energy of their union.

The divine union will not necessarily be coming together in August, but I sense the stage is being set for it. Decisions made in August will determine whether you are on the same train or not.

When you are faced with upheaval and uncertainty you must utilize your 2020 vision and use your analytical perception along with strong decisive will to actualize your decisions. Growth through tragedy continues to be a theme of 2020. We evolve through adversity. Many of us feel like we have experienced only adversity in recent months. However, August will see glimmers of hope and replenishment.

The August full moon energy is going after the building blocks of our lives. Partners, family, children and parents. Our life is built on the foundation of these relationships. If our foundation is weak or out of alignment so will be the life we build upon it. Nothing we add on top of that foundation will compensate for the cracks.

Our divine mother is with us, guiding us along our path, calling us home. August will be a big month for those coming of age. There will be kundalini awakenings and formative experiences that shape young lives for years to come. We are at the entrance of a dimensional gateway. It is a doorway to a new way of being. An opportunity to be reunited with the angelic essence of our beings.