This ascension symptoms update discusses the uptick in ascension symptoms relating to the Lion’s gate and coping with ascension symptoms. If you are in the northern hemisphere it is summer and ascension symptoms are peaking. I’m noticing that a lot of people are suffering from fried nervous systems and energetic buildup in the energy body, which is triggering a detox of the subconscious.

Ascension symptoms will continue to accelerate throughout the Lion’s gate portal that will last from July 26th to August 12th and peak on August 8th. This is when the sun transits through the Leo constellation causing the sun energy to roar throughout our energy bodies. 

This is going to be a very potent ascension window. I haven’t really had an appetite since the summer solstice and am finding I need less and less sleep. This is due to the increased ambient prana from the sun charging my energy body and making other forms of sustenance less necessary.

You may find you are sleeping less and waking up earlier fully charged and ready go to. This will continue through the Lion’s gate. I usually only sleep three or four hours a night during the Lion’s gate between midnight and 3am or 4am because my body is receiving so much energy from the sun. If this is happening to you, know that you just need less sleep right now and that is ok.

Things will be more difficult if you try to make yourself sleep more than your body needs to. Your nervous system may also start feeling fried from too much energy, which can cause you to feel exhausted on one level but also unable to sleep because there is still too much energy running through your system.

If that is happening to you make sure to drink lots of water. Water with freshly squeezed lemons in it to be particularly refreshing. It helps purify the nervous system so you can handle the incoming energy more skillfully. When you are experiencing an energetic buildup it is also good to ground that excess energy by going outside and walking barefoot with your feet on the ground. This will help release excess energy built up in the nervous system.

Nature is your best friend right now. Listen to birdsong when you are outside. Allow your consciousness to follow the chirping as it enters the ear and travels throughout your energy system. Birdsong helps adjust the frequency of our consciousness to match the vibration of Gaia.

Things you should be doing everyday year round to help strengthen and purify your nervous system so you can better cope and integrate these ascension energies include effective meditation, yoga asanas, and pranayama. Together these practices will help purify the gross and subtle bodies so that these energy spikes are more easily accommodated.

You may also find you are having strange dreams and things buried in the subconscious are coming up to the surface. The increased energy from the Lion’s gate portal will be triggering the pain body in a lot of people. As I’ve said before, the light is more fearsome than the darkness because in it nothing can hide.

An effective way to help detox the subconscious and remove the emotional charge from old memories is to utilize the Vasana Daha Tantra. This is where you write down your troublesome memories or feelings onto a piece of paper, then burn them in a fire. Write down with as much detail as possible those things bubbling up to your conscious mind that are a source of pain, then as you burn them in the fire imagine the emotional charge around those things burning with the paper.

If your mind is particularly troubled by regrets and emotional baggage sit down and start writing down your troublesome feelings, memories and emotions for each year of your life starting with your earliest memories. Proceed with as much detail as possible to the present day. Then burn the memories in the fire one by one. You can repeat this practice as many times as you need to until the emotional charge of the memories is gone.

As always, daily meditation, yoga asanas, and pranayama will help accelerate the process of detoxing the subconscious and releasing blocked energies in the pain body. The Vasana Daha Tantra is a useful tool but no substitute for your other daily spiritual practices.