What is spiritual ascension? Ascension is not a rapture. The idea of spiritual ascension has been around for a long time and exists in nearly every major world religion. However, in recent years the concept has found new life in the new age community. The traditional view of ascension was that it was something that happened in the distant past with a specific figure, like when Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection. Whereas the emerging view is that ascension is something that is happening now for the planet and all her residents.

The emerging view of ascension is premised on the notion that the Earth is transitioning from one age to another more enlightened age. This notion is commonly known in the west as the Age of Aquarius. But is also seen in Vedic astrology, the Mayan calendar, and indigenous lore.

Many viewed 2012 as an inflection point. There was a lot of collective excitement and even fear around this year, with some thinking the world was going to end in a cataclysmic doomsday scenario, with others expecting us to all turn into light beings and ascend to heaven. When neither happened many were disillusioned and disappointed.

My view of ascension is less sexy but I think more realistic. Yes we are in a period of transition from one age to another. Vedic astrology indicates we are moving from the Kali Yuga (yuga means age) to the ascending Dwapara Yuga. From a dark age when consciousness was very low to an ascending bronze age. Many new age sources say we are moving from third density (or dimension) to the fourth or fifth.

Whatever the conceptual framework, the idea is that we are transitioning as a collective into a more enlightened age. The planet herself is moving into a more light/consciousness dense quadrant of the universe, which is causing the baseline vibration of reality to increase and become more light filled. This transition will likely take a few generations to complete and will require the destruction or transformation of the old world order into a more enlightened one.

A central aspect of this evolutionary process is the evolution of individual consciousness and the up leveling of our bodies to handle the increasing amounts of ambient energy/consciousness. That process and the ascension process more generally, is orchestrated by cycles of solar activity and the shifting planets and moon. These celestial bodies act as filters and distributors of light/energy/consciousness into our physical reality.

Those who cooperate with the incoming ascension energy will find themselves being transformed and purified in mind/body/soul at an accelerated rate as they find themselves able to hold more and more light/energy/consciousness. Those who do not cooperate with the incoming energy are having a much more difficult time. The incoming energy is boiling out their physical and psychological toxicity in often painful and traumatic ways.

We are in an evolve or die moment. Those who cooperate with the incoming energies can experience dramatic and accelerated growth. Those who do not will see the continued rise of disease and suicide as everything that is incompatible with the new energy is catalyzed.

Cooperating with ascension energies is as simple as living a wholesome life, effective meditation, shadow work, eating an organic plant-based diet, and cutting out drugs and alcohol. It isn’t difficult or complicated. It is just important to do the basic things well.

A common misconception about ascension is that it will occur in some type of abrupt rapture like experience. However, even if possible this attitude is counterproductive and prevents many people from doing the work necessary to integrate the incoming higher vibrational energies. Ascension is not about running away from physical reality, it is about transforming it. It is about physical reality becoming more light filled. It is about raising the baseline vibration of physical reality and your own state of consciousness. It is an evolutionary process that requires you to choose to evolve.