In this April New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the April new moon. Many of us have been wondering in a cloud of confusion in recent weeks with the twin serpents of the known and unknown fighting within us. Different aspects of us have been at war, and we’ve been trying on different identities trying to decide who we want to be in the world and what the next version of us will look like.

These warring opposing forces of the new and old within us have caused a sort of stalemate that has blocked our vision and stayed our capacity for action. However, this April new moon will assist us with gaining mental clarity and integration of the opposing forces within us. This integration will result in renewed motivation and resolve to move forward and take positive action to bring about the next version of ourselves and lives.

Many of us have been experiencing a lot of confusion about who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes that has meant revisiting old unhappy karmic patterns that we thought we had outgrown. This period we have been in has been a war between the old and new. For a while the old was winning, then in recent weeks they seemed to have reached a stalemate. Now with the April new moon the new finally has the advantage and the old is on its heels.

The new version of ourselves and life is being born through our mental clarity. The confusion is lifting and the seemingly irreconcilable forces within us are finding integration. We are finding balance, hopefully taking the best of the old and new with us to the next stage of our lives.

However, integration does not mean compromising what is true. It means seeing what is true in the old and new and bringing them forward while leaving that which is false and no longer in integrity in the past. “Should” has been the jailer for many of us for too long. Our rigid mental constructs about right, wrong, good and bad have cast us into confusion and often been at odds with our soul.

The key to liberation from this dilemma is the recognition that mental constructs are a poor moral guide. We cannot think our way to goodness. When we try we end up with a rigid dogmatic morality bereft of love. Only your awakening soul and expanded consciousness can provide you with a moral compass that will point you in the direction of your awakening heart.

Strive to be obedient to truth and forsake all other allegiances. Leave the old stories in the past. What is true right here and now in the present moment? Stop worrying about who you think you should be and get real about who you are. When we compromise our truth we end up in impossible situations that exacerbate our unhappiness.

Truth is the sword of liberation. When mental clarity comes that resonates with your soul and intuitive knowing take action and do not waiver. Do not mourn the death of anything destroyed by the light of truth. That which cannot survive it does not deserve to live.

When you arise from the fog of confusion and compromise you will feel the sun shining on your face. You will be nourished by the light of your innate goodness. You will be liberated from the bondage of your mental conditioning.