In this April Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the April full moon. This April full moon in Scorpio is a super full moon and is ushering in a cycle of expansion and breakthrough that will last from May until August of this year. This is the beginning of what I’m calling the “Storm of Expansion.”

We’ve been in the space between words or worlds for several months now. Many of us have patiently or impatiently been awaiting the new and fretting over what it might look like. Well the wait is over.

We’ve been in the death and resurrection energy since the first of the year. Sometimes that has been uncomfortable. We’ve been experiencing expansion and contraction, but these have just been the birthing pains of the new and now we are crowning.

The next three months are going to be epic. We are entering a time of profound transformation and spiritual breakthrough. Our dreams are about to come true, and the hidden key to bringing it all into reality is learning to let the abundance flow. When we get what we’ve always wanted we have a tendency to cling to it. But this limits all the goodness the universe wants to shower upon us.

Let the goodness flow. Receive it with grace and give it back to others with generosity and gratitude. The more you share the wealth of your blessings the more will be added upon you. Open your heart and allow abundant love, compassion, joy, and bliss to flow forward as a benediction to all you meet.

Now is a time of celebration, even if the blessing has not yet arrived. Find reasons to celebrate and trust that everything is coming together, even if exterior circumstances haven’t quite caught up. Because the new creation is here hovering just beyond the physical yearning to be born.

The mind may still be scheming, calculating and wanting to manipulate situations to our advantage. This is what the mind does. But we must set it aside. The new creation is going to be born through your generous trusting heart, not your scheming mind.

Health, happiness and abundance can be yours. Bliss and harmony can be yours. Listen to your heart and be generous with the blessings you already have.

Now is a good time to deepen spiritual practice. We are all teachers and we are all students. We all have something to learn and something to teach. If you feel called to teach share freely, if you feel called to learn study vigorously. Whatever your role do not get too attached, because it is temporary. We are all masters remembering our mastery.

Greater balance in work, life, and finances is on the way. Our exterior reality is always playing catchup with our state of consciousness. Sometimes it happens slowly, sometimes it happens in a storm of expansion.

The storm is here, and it is pure potential. It is infinite possibilities. Relax into it. Choose your highest excitement and let the chips fall where they may. Trust that you are moving towards your highest good and evolution.